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He left my message at read,
didn't reply,
as easy as that.
That's why.
Luna, Luna, up the sky,
I am yours and you are mine.
As always, the full moon has got the best of me.
Cayley Raven May 20
When you leave town full of things to outrun,
for peace of the countryside and there, in the shadows,
park power of many and mount power of one,
let the stallion carry you through trails in the meadows.

When light breeze of summer touches your features
and all of your senses drink up the floods
of emotions you get from these beautiful creatures,
with no words spoken, just hooves´ quiet thuds.

The noise in your head transforms into music,
a breathtaking symphony calming your soul,
your creative side connects with its muses,
the moment of present just makes you feel whole.
Cayley Raven May 12
I wish I could build trust
towards people
but all
my feelings do
is keep on biting dust
I can´t really help it, I just don´t trust people.
Cayley Raven May 11
The apocalypse
destroying the precious lives
we could have enjoyed
Cayley Raven May 7
I had a dream
about the end of the world,
the apocalypse.
It was the last of our days,
the sky turned dark red,
a total sun eclipse.

Shattered buildings,
fallen power poles
shutting down all lights,
the air was full of heavy dust,
polluting our lungs
and raining were meteorites.

And even then,
the selfish little me
went to save nobody, my love.
No, I went to steal
the only precious thing
that we were running out of.

Time. The one
we took for granted,
such a foolish thing to do.
I stole your last seconds
so I could spent the end of times
in tight embrace with you.
What a romantic way to go..
Cayley Raven May 6
I thought the quarantine
could be all about *******,
but instead
it's only ******* with my head
and sadly to say,
not in a "come and ride my face"
kind of way.
Oops, sorry, I felt like letting this out, so ... there you go.
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