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Cayley Raven Jun 2021
You are not powerful
when you are good
at arguments
You are powerful
when you stay calm
while being disrespected
Just a reminder..
Cayley Raven Apr 2021
After all
the judgements
your filthy mouth has spit
the truth has become clearer
About me you don't know ****
you're only talking
to a mirror
When you're being judged, it doesn't say anything about you.
It says everything about the one judging you.
Cayley Raven Jan 2021
A simple wink was all it took
to cause a flood of fire
A simple over shoulder look
burning with desire

It may have been the wildest ride
high into oblivion
hadn't I learned later that night
I was one of a million

Addition to your filthy art
disgraceful masterpiece
A picture made of shattered hearts
painted in your sheets

At the end of your old tale
noone finds it charming
you should know your wink is frail
and no longer disarming
Let me know what you think.
Cayley Raven Dec 2020
I want you to be
in control
of the air I breathe
Only leaving me
with little gasps
as your hands squeeze
around my throat
until I can hear
my own blood
trying hopelessly
to pass through
And believe me, please
when I say
I love it entirely
Cayley Raven Sep 2020
What if there is no me?
What if there is just an awareness
of my existence.

Imagine that "I" is a consciousness
that was only gifted
a physical form, the body
a mental state, the mind
an ability to feel emotion, the soul.

If that were to be true,
wouldn't "I" be able to just observe
how my existence feels, how it moves,
or how it makes decisions?

"I" would just watch things happen
at their own will,
the good and the bad,
and experience it alongside.

Perhaps "I" could communicate,
waking my own existence
to the state of consciousness.

Wouldn't that be beautiful?
Because then, all the answers
and the eventual peace of mind
would lay within "me".
Something for you to think about. Thank you for your feedback. Love
Cayley Raven Jul 2020
He left my message at read,
didn't reply,
as easy as that.
That's why.
Cayley Raven Jul 2020
Luna, Luna, up the sky,
I am yours and you are mine.
As always, the full moon has got the best of me.
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