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Cayley Raven Mar 21
For the first time in my life
I felt like I was enough
I felt like a priority

For a time

Until something else came up
Something more interesting
and I just faded away in the past

Like I always do
Cayley Raven Mar 21
Your skin
tastes like a lemonade.
Though it's not
the flavour that I crave,
It's enough
to keep us both awake.

If you ask,
yes, I´m using you.
Don´t be sad,
I´m hurting myself too.
Cayley Raven Feb 24
Absolutely nothing
Is what I want to feel
Right now
Cayley Raven Feb 23
The dream of you I never had
The words of love I never said
The tears for you I never cried
Your gentle touch I never tried

The memories we never made
The shooting stars that never fade
Us sleeping trough the night awake
Our shattered hearts that never break
Cayley Raven Feb 11
Hey my little one,
I am extremely busy.
Will write to you soon.
A text I got, the sender unaware of the fact, that they just wrote a perfect haiku.
Cayley Raven Jan 24
Don't feel guilty
for choosing a different path.
Even if it means
you had to take a step back.
Taking a step back doesn't mean
you stopped moving forward.
Cayley Raven Aug 2022
Who do you think you are
to pollute the air I breathe?
It smells like dead toes,
You smell like ****.
Costs a ******* fortune,
Why are you doing it?

Go find another ******* window,
Window of a fellow smoke.
Maybe they´ll join you
And together you can choke
Your filthy ******* lungs
With instant cancer joke.
I guess I don´t like smokers
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