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Anne J Apr 27
Salut—welcome to Madam’s little fortune shop
Where you can see your own fate within an incense drop
My horns shimmer with necklaces that defeats all hexes
And my weapon is a skull of luck for both of the sexes
Now come and rest your left palm on this pentagram
I assure you that this is not a satanic scam
Cards shall give out a tale born from your consequences
As well as the horoscope that’ll mess with all five senses
I can pin a previous life and death within a single scar
I can name all your relatives as far as ones in alcazar
Withdraws are The Sun, The Moon, The Lovers, The Fool,
Listen to the revelations of storylines on your stool
With the Debut of Temperance, The Devil, the Hierophant,
Listen to the ways to avoid a man who is a sycophant
Pick a number from any of my twelve golden coins
To reveal a former lover that one day you shall rejoin
Now kindly look past the glimmers of my crystal ball
And you’ll see just how much your fortune can rise or fall
Last month, I asked a few artists if I could make poems based off their work, but I never got the chance...Until now. This poem is based on this lovely stockwork mashed up by Jasminira from DeviantArt: I think this might be the best poem I've ever written, even more than Stringed Girl, tbh. Hope you guys enjoyed this.
LJ Chaplin Nov 2018
Dear crystal ball,
Tell me who I am,
Am I whole and full of life
Or just a shell of a man?

Can you see my future
Or is it in plain sight?
Will it be written in the stars
As I turn off the light?

Can you conjure up a plan,
So I walk the straight and narrow?
Or will I swim with hungry sharks
Far beyond the shallows?

Dear crystal ball
Please tell me where to go,
I'm forever in a tug of war,
An existential limbo.
S h e is playful vibrance
Struck by lightning
On a church steeple
In the eye of a storm
S h e laughs and cries and laughs again
H o l d i n g the crystal ball
But not looking in
The Sadhu dreams
Fire is a dandelion root
Being woken by songbirds in springtime
SøułSurvivør Nov 2014

in the scrying glass
sphere within a sprere
hairline cracks and sealing
wax and your future will
appear . it does all in
          magic - through.        
the gypsy
even though she's



— The End —