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Don't understand why universe took you away
Bits of you seen in all surroundings in some sort of way
Anyone observing wouldn't notice something wrong
Crumbling under a surface that is strong
I attempt to hold head up high
Shrugging off wounding emotion
Repeating routine robotically
Earth's rotation slow-motion
I send deepest regrets with the wind to be lifted into the sky
Whispering words never said before
Worst of all:
Accepting absence as permanent obstruction
Leaves me teetering on edge of destruction
There are moments I wish ground would open up and swallow me whole
Touching not one drop of water yet I'm drowning in the depths of my soul
You always did best to protect me throughout the years
In return I have let you down
Victim of my greatest fears
It might not have been my responsibility to keep you safe and sound
I could have poured out some of those shots you would pound
It was my duty keeping your secrets locked up out of sight
Over and over again I told you no so you responded with a fight
Rather than be at odds I would give in to your spiteful remarks
You ultimately would win and I would fetch your bottle of Monarch
Now I'm haunted by those countless simple mistakes
Forced to bear weight of the fact I didn't have courage it takes
I want to rewind life so I could get another chance to show
That you mean much more to me than I dared to let you know
I'd rather be who's held in the reaper's embrace
Than stuck here tears running down my face
It's my birthday and I'm so not feeling it... How can I celebrate without the one person who made it so special every year?
Jamie King Sep 2020
Throat slit life pouring through pale hands.
The songs of shinigamis perpetually melancholy.
Ever shallow breaths, no escape. Rumba with death the floor a canvas for the evening's Mural.
This is dark poem don't lose hope though. When you're at a loss there's always hope remember that and you can walk any path.
WiltingMoon Mar 2016
Gun in aim
Bone on trigger
Remorse long gone
Devil on lips
Teeth blood thirsty
Eye on sight
Target in range
Innocent is blind
Evil wanted ****
Your the reaper
With a gun
I'm the target
Cross on head
Pull metal back
Blood thirsty teeth
Grin at me
Now I'm dead...
Castiel Apr 2014
It really pains us sometimes,
our jobs.
We hate
destroying the lives of
people who actually
We care as much as you
humans do about your
loved ones.
We try to be
cautious, we really do.
But duty calls, and
we have to break out the
blades even though sometimes we
don't want to.
We realise that it is up to
you to tell the
children what
death is, and what
we are.
But that is out of our
power.  We are better for
causing destruction than
fixing it.
Sometimes I wish that
I could tell
them myself, because I
know how to
explain this new
thing to them.
But I
So from all of
us Reapers, we sincerely
apologise for what
we do to you.
We are
bound by duty.
Third in the "from the Reapers" series I've been working on today.
As expected, it's another written in the perspective of Iris (my Reaper character). I've been getting worse at poetry and **** as today goes on, so this is just sort of a blob of words I put together in a couple of minutes.
Castiel Apr 2014
It is curious,
how the body can
go on without the
We Reapers are
careful to not
take a soul until the
body is already
dead, regardless of whether
it is too late or not.
It is
common courtesy.
Still, the amount of
already-dead souls in
still-alive bodies
Another friendly message from Iris and a sequel to my poem "from the Reapers". This is a series in progress I call Iris's Diary, mostly because it's the perspective of a Reaper I like to call Iris.
Castiel Apr 2014
Do you ever
wish you could just
throw yourself into
the blackness and
the cold and
the loneliness just so
you can be rid of
it all?
The pain and
the misery and
the suffering and
the perpetual despair
and you just want
everything to disappear,
and you welcome us like
you expect your death to be
warm and
inviting and
almost like a hug.
It pains us so, sometimes;
how you all seem to
crave our scythes.
A friendly (?) note from the Reapers of souls. I don't know. It's sort of grim (AHAHAHA GET IT BECAUSE THEY'RE REAPERS  AHAHA no) but still, whatever. Good enough for me.

As a note - this particular Reaper is a character creation of mine by the name of Iris. He's just your regular Reaper.
MarkTheGr8 Mar 2013
The soul reapers take until there's nothing left,
walking by like hollow vessels.
All expressions far too faded,
endlessly wandering with no meaning.
Long gone are feelings of remorse and sympathy,
now only gestures with no sincerety.
Corpses lie empty on the ground,
so grey, soon abandoned by all color in the skin.
Reapers walking by devoid of empathy,
reavealing their indifference and disdain.
Their minds are breeding lies,
creating the venom their tongues are spitting.

— The End —