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fray narte Jun 2019
But all cliché kinda sad poets have it —
a storm of poems
for someone who left.

And darling,
all of my storms
are named after you.
fray narte Jun 2019
“You needed someone who could fix you.”

A pause filled the air after I had said those words — not because we didn’t know what to say, but because we knew it was the truth. Sometimes, there was no way out of the truth.

You needed someone who could fix you — someone who would make you a playlist of the favorite songs you’d thought you’d already forgotten — someone who would take you to museums and laugh as you spill coffee on its clean floors. You needed someone who would look at you like you’re made of tiny poems caught between their eyelashes, someone who would hold your hand as the mountaintops melt into silhouettes from the rearview mirror, someone who would give you a box of a hundred hand-written things they love about you. Darling, you needed someone who could fix you — someone you could live for. And we both knew that I wasn’t that person, for darling, what I needed was someone I could fall apart and crumble with. What I needed was someone who looked close to my demons, someone who could crush my snow globes and trace poems on my skins with all its broken bits. I needed someone I could watch the summer nights fade into repetitive dawns. Darling, I needed someone who I could stay broken with and yet still feel human and whole.

And regardless of how much we could try to love each other, my hands would always find their way back to placing cigarettes between your lips. Your hands would always find their way back to writing poems for someone who could save you — and honestly, I no longer even know how to be someone you’d still write poems about. So I would say it again. You needed someone who could fix you. You needed someone who would fix you.

And all this time, I needed someone who wouldn’t fix me.
MAX castro May 2019
One look in your eyes,
I can see you judging my personality.
One word from your mouth,
I can feel knives stabbing my heart directly.
One touch from your hands,
And I know that you will never see me so dearly.
Stephen Star May 2019
My head and heart are split so
Please excuse me if I sound confusing
And make no more sense

My brain has 2 sides,
1 is ruling proudly and the other is sadly devastating

1 makes me HAPPY:)
And the other makes mesad:(
it is a battle of being kind
and being lost in my mind

My heart is split
With two equal halves
The heart of a lover
And the heart of a killer

One falls too easily for traps
And the other sets them
It's very odd to be broken hearted
And be a breaker of hearts.
So I am split right down the middle
An axe making a clean split
but I've gotten better with my halves.

Maybe one day I’ll stitch them up
and see who I become.
I really like this poem :)
julie Jan 2019
isn't it weird?
I was never jealous.
of nothing, of nobody.
But today I became aware of;
I'm eternally jealous.
Of the woman
who will be yours
one day
Throw back another shot,
Put on that dress that radiates
The siren within.
Go out and hunt.
Dance like you actually want to.
Break his heart.
Ruin his life.
Feign confidence.
Make him believe he wants you
More than you want him.  
Make him follow you like a puppy,
Throw him a smile to gives him hope.
Paint your mouth a pretty colour
So he notices.
Find love,
If only for few hours.
Don’t regret when you wake up.
Even though,
The light of day is a cruel mistress.
CallMeVenus Dec 2018
I've been hiding baby
Oh for so long
Been afraid I'd turn into the morning fog
I'm still shaking when I'm standing right next to you
You call my name and time just stops

You make sure to hold my hand in a dark room
I'm holding back from you
Because once you get me there is no turning back
In this game of two
heartbreaker and the fool.
shiv Oct 2018
And I suppose its poetic that my bones snapped
to every beat of your heart,
that my body gave out every time you looked at me;
lighting in your eyes.
And I suppose its poetic that i've only ever felt hell
when i've been in love with you.
trinity Aug 2018
Don’t cry for me. Please, don’t cry
I’m sorry that i’m what you want
Please, oh please, just let me slip by
I have made your heart hurt enough.
     I can’t be the one that you love.

Don’t cry for me. Please, don’t cry
I’m sorry that i couldn’t stay
Please, oh please, just tell me a lie
Say you never loved me anyway.
     Forget all our yesterdays.

Don’t cry for me. Please, don’t cry
I’m sorry for all my mistakes
Please, oh please, just dry those blue eyes
I lack the courage it takes.
     What needs to be said, i’m too scared to say.

Don’t cry for me. Please, don’t cry.
     I am not worth your tears.
collette Jul 2018
Let the 
taste & smell
of the alcohol
possess you to
numb the pain
that he gave you.

  -He donates pain though.
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