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Apathy Apr 6
This will all soon be a fond memory
of a time we spend that felt an eternity
and the life I lived apart from you
a trial of love we made it though
and nothing's ever felt more right
than knowing I will hold you at night
the words ring deep within my heart
the world will never keep us apart
I need to be with you, soon.
My heart hurts never having known your touch.
Apathy Mar 26
I still uncover shards of him
Splintered glass buried deep within
I scratch the scabs just on the surface
Nails digging with a purpose
Some dark thoughts go undetected
These cuts run deep and feel infected
Weighted shrapnel riddles me
But I know I'm loved, I know I'm free
Some things just put me in that place
Where I thought things would never change
Where guilt would drip from every word
And spite was the dagger meant to hurt
The ground alight with coals and ash
Where I held my breath as I slipped past
Clutching nothing but insincere apologies
I learned to feed his selfish greed
So when there's pressure on old scars
I'm sorry if I flinch too hard
And when the alcohol burns against my skin
Please hold me tight as it sinks in
healing means facing each little thing that hurt you
Apathy Mar 24
A passing thought of your soft grin
Tugs my heart strings taut and humming
They play sweet songs like violins
Adrift in clouds of silk and honey

A sun burns bright within my heart
It shines for you a world apart
I feel you there reaching for me
And in your arms I long to be

I feel you here within my heart
A world away, but not apart
In dreams I play our first embrace
picturing your smiling face

the quiet warmth of knowing
you exist with me tonight
soothes me into peaceful sleep
as I bathe in morning light

I watch the window to your world
Dreaming of reaching through that glass
I'd crawl into your sleeping arms
And leave behind the past

Catching a glimpse of your soft smile
I feel my own heart beating
but opened eyes tear you away
for dreams, the fickle things, are fleeting

Embers smolder deep within
Spreading, rising to my throat
A gasp of air, I catch my breath
As flames of desire ignite

But desolate winds gather in my chest
As the fires fight to stay alight
I hold myself, a hollow shield
This empty space inside grips tight
a few small poems written for you, some new some old
Apathy Oct 2018
Our scales of time they tip opposing
My last life lies there decomposing
I suffocate amongst her ashes
Her rotting flesh and bleeding gashes
A dark chained vigil I hold beneath
Spitting lies between clenched teeth
The haunting fiend picks through her bones
Snatching fragments for his throne
He rips apart my new beating heart
In hopes the last he might restart
Apathy Oct 2018
A light so warm and so inviting
An ember of soul I watched igniting
It lit the darkness of my prison
From the floor I stood arisen
I reached through bars towards the flame
Fingers stretched I tried to claim
It seemed so far and I was lost
I sit and watch the creeping frost
In my cage the beast was looming
His snarling words and restless fuming
He slashed my hands and yanked my chain
Howling rage and endless pain
I watch the flame, the beast asleep
It shows my hidden wounds cut deep
I see my skin cracking apart
I hold my knees and feel the dark
Which keeps at bay only just beyond
The bright flame's warmth with which I bond
And every night from dusk till dawn
My thawing heart to it is drawn
It beckons me to leave this place
My shackles gone without a trace
I bring the fire close to me
It does not burn, it sets me free.
Apathy Oct 2018
She was sick, her mind eroding
Her love, her hope, her doors were closing
She tipped the sands, for him she stayed
A gamble with time, alone she played
Her lifeless heart, she locked away
To face the pain another day
His emotions filled her empty chest
Spilling through the cracks of stress
A ghost she watched her life move by
With fear of loss and fear to fly.
Apathy Mar 2016
His name brings ancient memories.
Shaken from the dust and dreams.
My heart, to him a piece I gave.
A silver chain, a peaceful day...

My mind is lost in dark red trees
A haunting song in the canopy
My body tossed in loving waves
And the ocean far begins to fade...

Where raindrops fall but never freeze,
Her kindness brings me to my knees.
My heart to her, a piece I gave.
A fading star, I wish I'd stayed...
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