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Brianna Nov 2017
I think of him when its raining and the weather is gloomy and the clouds come in the surround me just like he did for a short, short while.

I imagine he is sitting somewhere in New York right now drinking some awful Gin and Tonic drink , writing something about some girl in a bar.

Or he's walking with his jacket high up over his neck day dreaming of his long lost Juliet or maybe he's scheming something more like Macbeth.

I like to think he thinks of me from time to time, the girl he sent poems to on Valentines Day, the girl he talked about loving the ocean more than life.

I know it's a bit narcissistic and a bit conceited but I like to think he know's I think of him from time to time.

When La Vie En Rose comes on and when I'm walking down the freshly rained on streets humming a tune.

When I am alone in my room contemplating how I couldn't make things work with good people or when I re read those poems I keep hidden away in my closet.

I imagine he's sitting in New York at some trendy, dive bar, making friends with the bartender telling stories about his life.

I imagine he's writing something about a girl he's currently in love with and the features that makes him swoon because one day he will give those poems to her for Valentines day as well.

I imagine that the day he finds the Juliet to his Romeo- he won't need to think of the girl whose too far away and in love with the ocean anymore.
Aaron Layton Aug 2017
Waging a war in my head
I don't know why I'm not dead
It hurts to think
Wishing the memories sink
Do or don't do I dare not try
For most thoughts are of suicide
People say they know how you feel
But do they know the deal
the bargain you made
But still having the person fade
What are you willing to give
So a love one may live
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
Sometimes I yearn for something more.
Day 26/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2016
I can stare blankly.
I have mastered the art.
Feelings evade me,
I swept them into the dark.
Now I persuade me,
Run away from your heart.
Keep running long into the morning.
Never saying goodbye before you depart.
Run away but not too lively.
Remember, you must keep up with your art.
Impressions from Surface to Spirit.
Äŧül Oct 2016
I thought that all my pains will go,
That was my selfish motive in love.

I never foresaw my health worsening,
Now my head aches more, sweetly, though.

I have her bouncing in my memories,
May be on my pure love she was bouncing.

I should have coated my love for protection,
Lest she entered a period of parturition.

I wanted to sacrifice myself more for her,
Less for myself in the game of love.

I never wanted her to turn rougue,
For I had sworn my loyalty to her.

I know not where this vertigo will take me,
Everything shakes so violently in my head.
HP Poem #1205
©Atul Kaushal
Sam Aug 2016
She’s tired and clammy and hot, and her head pulses and aches,

But she gets up anyway, to go and answer the door,

And everything spins, and tilts, and whirls,
And it is a blurry mess of revolving objects,
Where she can’t see anything,

But she must act normal,

And so she stands straight,
And lets the words he speaks reverberate around her brain,

As her vision slowly settles back in,

Only to go away again,
When she steps down to take the package back in,

And her head throbs,
And she pushes her glasses back up her nose,
As she puts the package down,
In hopes that it will help,
And like she already knows it wouldn’t - it doesn’t,

But when she pivots so she faces the delivery man once more,

Her face is calm, and cool, and the same,

And only when she has bowed her thanks,
And he has bowed his,
And she has closed the door after him --

Does she sink against the wall,
Waiting for the dizziness to pass,

And hoping that upon it’s return, it will be no worse,

Than it already is.
Ann M Johnson May 2016
The sun  is brightly shinning
may it shine through my thoughts
and break away the cobwebs deep within my mind
I had a head injury (concussion) in mid April and have still been experiencing problems such as extreme headaches and difficulties with my vision and slight memory difficulties.
Viseract Mar 2016
Perhaps I was right
And I had done no wrong
Perhaps you knew it too
And were just playing all along

Perhaps I was wrong
And perhaps you were right
But if so, why can't I see it?
Is it hidden from the light?

I sought out an answer
Frustration at failure hardened my heart
I couldn't find one, no matter what
I lined up the sight but missed the mark

So tell me, if you are right
Where it is that I ****** up
Because this **** is giving me headaches
And simply put, I've had enough
Jill Carter Dec 2015
I think like a poet.
That’s why I get headaches.
Images burst
for my head to explode.
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