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S I N Nov 2019
I met him standing
In the middle of the lane, awaiting
For some silhouettes, apparently,
For he
Was gazing through the haze
Enveloping the ground of this intricate maze,
Amidst eternities of both
The one behind us and the one of forth
Acquaintance; peevishly there hotching
On his place, like pole earthshaking
Though with not a-lack of grace
This little figure strangèly reminded
Of my own wraiths I thought was far behind me; but never did they leave my soul’s abode,
No matter whether home I or abroad
I always carry them like plummet on a chain
With which all a-way down and down upcoming drowner fane,
Just like pale moon is setting to its further sleep
The same way future drowner does complete
The full life circle of eternal plan,
The one which you could not outran
In vacuous attempt to fool the time
In game that has been riggéd before thine
Name and surname were inscribed in list
Of papyrus and lost in spaceless mist
A relict from the days of yore
Bhill Nov 2019
We were expecting so much more
The weather report said it would just pour
The clouds came in and it started to roar
The winds followed next and left it's own score
The thunder made due as it rolled out its snore
The storm was here and it wanted much more

It wasn't as bad as the weather report
The storm sort of fizzled and ran a bit short
It laid down some snow with a hint of haze
It could have been worse as the report displayed
The scare was gone as the storm blew out
Back to clear weather without any doubt...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 298
A scary storm report gone wrong..
Debbie Lydon Nov 2019
The hour for fervour seems faded,
Yet flickers appear like fireflies in our tenebrous sky,
The farce of our fickle society has invaded,
But minds knowing nature will know hope is nigh.

Injustice ever growing like a tangled ivy,
Weaving our complex prison of mind,
We awake to no passion, no boldness to see,
And we pass eachother on our streets, we who are willingly blind.

I didn't ask for this, did you?
Where is the thief of mirth and freedom and bliss?
Who decided to descend the haze and fog no eye can see through?
It wasn't me, it wasn't you, it was us and apathy's kiss.

There are still flashes of redemption in the dark,
And sometimes you will meet those who are themselves the flame,
And sometimes slightly will the fog ascend, just as did the Lark,
And we must no let those who brandish their power make the mind of the Lark tame.
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
the raised lakes of Beijing
are fitted with the finest glass walls
parents go there to unload their unwanted children
the squids of the lakes grab hold of the children,
          hug them
                    adopt them
                          teach them to breathe
people walk by, pay no attention
but the glass walls are built tall
            wiped clear
to the point where i can’t help but to notice.
the orange plumed tentacles
grown straight from the children’s backs
          pulsing like a flame
                  like a phoenix
                         like a poppy’s bloom
smeared by the color of the water’s haze
or the tourist’s awe-shot eyes.
from "hush" 2017
available @:
izzn Sep 2019
today I look up
and I see blue
It's been a long time
since the haze
blocked our visions
and separated
me and you
The haze had faded away, but you still can't see me.
Andra Sep 2019
let me

i want to be

me and you

stay the heck
and stop making me be afraid
that with every day that goes
you go as well.

i only want to trace itineraries on your forehead
and lose my dreams in your arms
and exhale wishes on the steamy window of your car
and cry green tears tasting of gin and tonic
which you will hold in the palms of your hands
and when you have no more room
you will hide them in jars
in the room at the back where there's always cold
because the heater doesn't work

i can't be like this if you are not here
and my cheeks tremble only when i feel your presence in the room

if you need the certainty
that i will be here when you come back
well then,
just so you know,
i will be
at our place
especially at 9.36am
and i will think about
how lovely would have been for you to kiss me then
but i will smile because
you were so
that you didn't know what to do

stay here
don't make me ask you
I have written this years ago and have just re-discovered it... Funny how you learn from your old self.
Seanathon Aug 2019
No weatherman warned me
About the downfall of you

About the pouring out of emotive soul
Which encompassed the morning

In a matter of seconds, falling
Like a haze of pensive dew

And now I cannot unseen the sight
Or the falling skies of you
When the rain falls inside, as well as out. This one's about a memory. But not at all about me.
Michael Solc Jul 2019
is desolation.
The assault
of Nothing
upon all that should be
by all that is.
LWZ Jul 2019
Swift like the sun
Shift from light to night
The tides align with the moon
And put up a fight
Father I’ve burned in your existence
Ignite the gasoline
Put yourself in a dream
Drift into the haze

My mother hates you
Never says a word
Gave you freedom
Sheds no tears

Strong in the garden
Feet rooted in the soil
Doesn’t even phase her
Expected from such a vile act
Nothing can be undone
So time has healed the pain
The secrets are no longer relevant
But the memories remain
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