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Ashwin Kumar May 4
I had really hoped
To forget you, once and for all
However, it seems you are always hovering around
Like an annoying little mosquito
Ready to **** the blood
Of anyone and everyone in your vicinity
And looking for that perfect window of opportunity
To mock my shortcomings
Which apparently do not exist
For your precious little "best friend"
Who has a smug smile on his face
Ready to defend you at the drop of a hat
Of course, it will only be a matter of time
Before you tire of him as well
Because, people exist merely for your needs
Which are about as realistic
As Telugu action movies are
Therefore, it is a huge irony
That you were my first female friend
Of course, I am not sure you understand
What friendship truly means
Because, you promise one thing
And then proceed to do the exact opposite
May God help that unfortunate soul
Who truly cares for you
Because s/he will be in for a rollercoaster ride
Which will never end
Until your delusional fantasies are satisfied
By the time that eventually happens
S/he would be dead
Anyway, it was you
Who wanted to be friends with me in the first place
I, being a naive idiot
Readily accepted your offer of friendship
And was with you
Through thick and thin
However, you cut me off
When you needed me no longer
I apologised to you a number of times
Not because I did anything wrong
But because your inflated ego required a massage
Alas! To you, I was nothing more than a problem child
Whom you wanted to mould
According to your whims and fancies
I was never an independent human being
Who could make his own choices
And live his life on his own terms
Your own Brahmin sensibilities matter more to you
Than a friend who genuinely cared for you
Unlike "Mr Smug Face", whom I had mentioned earlier
You destroyed my self-confidence
And turned me into an insecure wreck
God knows how many more people exist
Whom you've treated as "use and throw"
Just keep one thing in mind, though
There will surely be a time
When the tables are turned
And it is you who will become a lonely wreck
Then there will be noone
Who is ready to rush to your aid
Because, you will be forgotten; once and for all
As you deserve to be
Poem dedicated to my first female friend, who cut me off because of a silly comment on Facebook.
B Nov 2017
There are days when I want to give up
I want to leave so I don't have to deal with you
I want to cry

But I don't think you deserve to win
You don't deserve my tears
You don't get to become 'famous' on my account

You deserve friends who are as ****** as you
You deserve to be brought up under a fake name
You deserve everything that's coming to you

Cause Karma's a *****
B Oct 2017
It stings to sit at a table with you
and know you are trying to pull my friends away

It stings to sit 3 feet away from you
and no one at the table is going to acknowledge me

It stings to think that you had my heart
and you threw it away for someone who dumped you after a week

It stings to look back on us and our good times
and realize I wasn't happy

It stings to know you still have a pull on my life
and I don't want you anywhere near me anymore

It stings so much
and you're still putting lemon in the hole you put in my back when you stabbed me
B Oct 2017
Sometimes I wonder why none of my friends talk to me anymore
Then it hits me

You drove them all away
B Oct 2017

I really thought this would have ended differently

Just because we’re not friends

Doesn’t give you the right to be


And sometimes people **** up

And sometimes things don’t work out

But people are still people

And they deserve to be treated with


How would you feel

If you were treated like ****

From an ex-friend

Just because we’re not friends

Doesn’t mean our mutual friends

Can’t spend time with me

The world doesn’t revolve around you

It doesn’t revolve around me

It revolves around the sun

And I promise you

You will never be the sun
A W Aug 2017
Hack, hack, hack
At my memories.
Tear at them to show my face.

Follow me like a lost soul to torment me in my place.

All it's doing is making it worse for

How many more?

I can count but I can never undue your raveling.
Can you embellish your pride, when you have no one to turn to?

Such a pity, such a pity it is of how you've become so petty.

A beautiful being so divine falling from so high.

Sorry highness, I won't be there to catch you this time.

Not after a betrayal that measures up to my height and above the clouds.

Not even the gods can save us, from something that can turn so loud.

I will bow one last time,
Maybe blow one last kiss.
But I will never give one last chance.
This was written in a time when I was having tough times with friends in my life. I've grown from then and I want this to be a mark of me moving on. Hopefully this helps somebody.
Or Crotty Oct 2016
Don't Think about her smile.
Don't Think about her laugh.
Don't Think about the way she hugs you.
Don't Think about all the good times you had together.
Don't Think about the way you love her.
Because she will Never love you in the same way.
This is about a friend that treats me like ****

— The End —