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Gabriel Girault Jun 2020
Life has unexpected turns, truly anything can happen. It is not over until you can be happy.
There is not a guideline for happiness that you can find online. You must find it in your world. A world perceived and made by you, a world that is hidden.
The facade must be taken down, or you will lose yourself in a world of standards. You can not find happiness in someone's world, you cannot find it in science or religion.
But the world you plan, construct, and live in.
This world will have happiness, peace, and above all Love that will never die.
Daniel J Weller Jul 2018
(verb) Observe.

1. Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.
1.1. Watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively.

Observe all. See all as significant.
Especially that which seems strikingly not so.
Watch it carefully, attentively, examine the subject, the object, the Thought. Stop and take your thoughts in, then;

Sit and let the words out;
Sit and be quick, for observations are constant;
Sit and you may forget them all, so
Sit, and write.

Observe beauty—or ugliness—in the mundane
And the daily.
The prettiness of flowers is well documented
As is personal love.

Observe feeling without vague subjectiveness
Or dreamt-up narrative.
Observe your surroundings and take in that moment
Five minutes to write it down
(Or ten, if you're lucky).

Cast away your barriers.
Meter and rhyme,
Lines ending with full sto—
—Vocabulary narcissism.

Let everyone understand your words, for
Poetry is not for the well-educated
Or the creative
Or the recluse,

Poetry is for all that observe
And register their sights and sounds significant.
The poet merely watches carefully and attentively
Then marks it down

(noun) Poetry

1. Observation
London, July 2018

If you feel your work is observationist, or choose to practice the five minute/ten minute poem of surroundings, please personally message it to me, I'm extremely interested in the development of this way of thinking.
Genesee May 2018
I've been thinking about a lot of things
And the one thing I don't understand is
Why people throw around the words
''I love you '' and ''I care about you''
In addition to I'll never leave

Before they realize that sometimes life may split them apart
And the distance no matter how many miles
Sometimes can't hold the glue together
So before you try to promise me things
Like we'll move in together and live together
Marriage and everything else similar to that
Slow down first and get to know me as a person

Don't get caught up in what I can do physically
Such as kissing you till we're so out of breath
feeling hazy and the lines of so called love is a blur

Focus on what makes me well me
And what I mean by that is a little bit of small  talk here and there
Such as Favorite Icecream and what are your dreams or What do you want to accomplish in life
Notice how I didn't dive right into personal questions
Or trying to know one's past right off the bat

Because getting to know someone is in small but big stages
Don't rush the process of Hello's and finding a common interest then letting it blossom from there

As you get to know someone
month after month
You learn about their likes and dislikes
What makes them vulnerable
Things that they wouldn't have the courage to say when the sun is up
in the day time
Only the night time

Only when the time is right so to speak
is when you ask whoever it is that you are interested in
Personal questions but not to the point that if you had a fallout with them
Then you couldn't look at them
In the same way again

If you rush things along way too fast
Diving into personal stuff without warning
Then if they suddenly leave you
out of the blue
No questions asked
you're left with their secrets
They know more about you
secret wise
And your left wondering why can't I take all that I said to them
secrect wise back

So before the damage is done
Slow down and get to know each other as a person first

Like how they react when everything isn't going well or in certain life situations such as seeing them mad or upset
Different life situations reveal their true personality or how they will act how several years down the road
something along those lines

But getting back to the point here
Sometimes personality wise
I keep to myself hidden
You might not understand it
But in due time you'll figure out why I do this
and why I am the way I am
Don't fall in love with the gestures
that I might do for you
The stuff I make you
Paragraphs that I'll end up writing you
Everything that is involved with being my friend
or dating me

For what I've learned over the years is that if you fall in love too fast
With the gestures that I do
Instead of loving me ad a person
You'll think of me as perfect
Or trying to love me only to get the gestures
For when I grow wary and tired
Of trying to keep you
With the gifts and discontinuing it
Just as a small little test
To determine if you really love me for me
Not what I can make you or get you

And you come up
Empty handed
When  certain life situations expose me as a person
And seeing how I react to the situations
Including my moods
but not limited to the way I do things
your picture perfect version of me
Will shatter

I won't beg you to love me
When I end up ruining
The picture perfect version of your idealized
fantasy of what I am verses who I am in reality

So before you promise me empty things
Or words that you think will keep me
Such as I love you or I care
Get to know me as a individual/ person
Then I'll see for myself if you really love me like you claim too
Or if it was fake love
Only to get the benefits of gifts

Before you utter the words I love you to me
I want you to really think it through first
Don't say it to me if you don't really feel those feelings
Or love towards me
Because if you say it without meaning
I'll be fooled into thinking
you actually care

Keep this in mind before you tell me
Will you love me in difficult times and situations
Where I'll be tempted to push you away
Or have some time alone with myself
When I'm reminded of my past and need reassurance
Mostly life situations where I tend to want to push you away
Or need space just for breathing room
If you don't love me because of what I've just mentioned above
Then don't tell me

Another thing is throughout the getting to know each other as a person stage
If feelings change
Don't delay telling the person that your feelings for them  have changed
For if you wait much longer to tell them
You'll ruin their trust
and cause them to think something is wrong
but I can't pinpoint it

Afterwards the person will have to work on self reflection and dealing with the woes
Of the lesson known as heartbreak

But most of all take it day by day
With a grain of salt
- Lessons on self reflecting and loving someone
A mixture of how to love someone and understanding with a little bit of heartbreak
Glory May 2018
Creatures assuming
forever repeating
hating spontaneity
adoring originality
we can not be
without already being
we can not love
without having loved
a little confusing
a lot troubling
wondrous silence
and full obedience
I don't usually do notes but I feel that people might interpret this wrong. I am describing the way my life is now and how I view the ******* of expectations that are on my life. I find it difficult to live.
some have totally rejected
the protocols that were
carefully written down
choosing not to heed
their intent
taking the approach
of we'll follow
an unconstrained

the conventions state
in a transparent glass
never of our purpose
should there be
any unpermitted

adhering to terms and conditions
isn't an arduous task
they're so concise in respect
of what they ask

some enjoy free wheeling
though it will come at an expense
for not to remain within the parameters
means a quick despense
A work colleague and I were talking about our work place protocols. After the discussion, I decided to pen a poem on that theme.
the owner operator
of the poetry
doesn't adhere to
his own guideline's
it states that all members
must be
yet he allowed slurs
from the Michigan

one clearly recalls
what happened on that
a lowlife bloke used the term
***** in an offensive
whereupon the poetess who'd received
his nasty comment, left the site's
she'd not be subject
to this derogatory

no action taken against
the one in the
he still remains part
of the site's
an injustice within
the owner's weak
the smell of it is unforgettable
of reeking

would seem that the trash talker (****)
does whatever he
and the webmaster is complicit
in the words he
How to never stop being alone?

Don't greet strangers,
not even a smile
Keep yourself silent,
let awkwardness sink in for a while

Fall for someone,
Make them cling on to you,
Once they poured their heart and soul,
Start replying their messages after a day or two

Soak yourself in that pile of ego,
you're better than everyone, right?
Spend your time behind the screens,
Feed your self-pride even just a bite

Avoid the ones close to you
They're not worth your time
Lie to yourself "got better things to do"
Maybe you'll get to start a rhyme

Go for drive, even just for a while
Clear your head, enjoy the scenery
Surely it pops up once in your mind
You're better off alone, stick to that theory

That's how you stay alone

Got the ideas from 2 song i've listen to lately
*How do you fight loneliness by wilco
*How to never stop being sad by dandelion    hands
Maria Etre Nov 2015
It was the base of all
It had rules and guidelines
and ****** it had time out's
and should's and must's

It was the quarter
that molded the center of you
that gave you that armor
that shield
and most importantly
that helmet

Sometimes there was war
and the walls shook from the screams
and other moments, the warmth melted
the hostility within

It held as many members as it could
and sometimes it magically expanded
as the people grew more and more

You left it for long periods of time
you thought you'd enjoy the liberty
from those guidelines and such
and you did

But at the end of the day
you will always know
the road back
like the back of your hand

You will always
find your
Äŧül Nov 2015
Should be lucid,
Not at all timid,
Neither be confused,
Nor be explicit.

Should be decent,
Not at all rude,
Neither be offensive,
Nor be oppressive.
My HP Poem #912
©Atul Kaushal
cyanide skies Jun 2015
maybe you should listen*
1. don't ask me if I'm alright
2. I never am, and
3. you can take that any way you'd like.
4. I'll love you, but
5. you can't leave once I have, because
6. that's the way to make me never okay again.
7. if you want to hurt me, just
8. say 'you'll be fine'
9. as you walk away.
you've just got to stay.
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