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Glasgow Girl G1 Dec 2020
My tongue gives so much pleasure with honey flavoured praise
She bears ripe fruit and drips with perfumed sap
If you merit her attention she’ll treat you with delight

Her touch is warm and tender
If she is cherished…


She’s tamed to speak with merit but there is no guarantee
She won’t spout bitter venom if you’ve wounded me

Men have tried to tame her with strength and brutal lust
They met with bitter poison

Killing lust forever…

Glasgow Girl G1 Jan 2018
Seedling planted in Meru, resistance to disease

Result in cherries ripe and sweet, grown in a Kenyan breeze.  

Support hardworking farmers, who toil and strive to live

Let’s lift the mist and misery, ethical coffee is not a gift!
Glasgow Girl G1 Sep 2017
The Narcissist

Attention is the oxygen that feeds this phobic mind
Abandonment is death to them, they'll not respond in kind
Ignore them at your peril, adore, or see their wrath
Their self is false and hollow, they’re only worth is death!

You’re adoration gives them life, dependent on approval
They’ll laugh at you but not themselves, their temperament is cruel
He’ll goad and taunt and torture you, he’ll take you to the brink
It’s me; I’m mad and paranoid, that’s what he’ll make you think.

But if you dare reject them, they try to rip you down
They cannot stand to be the ****, or lose their bogus crown
Their ego is but all they are and you supply the rest
They look to you for solvency, will **** you’re dying breath!

Get Rid!
I checked my receipt as soon as I tried it and I absolutely did not buy the *******.  Got refunded withing the cooling off period!
It was a very speedy transaction!
Glasgow Girl G1 Sep 2017
Hello World!

Wee Molly is a lessie bean
She’s very bright and cheerful
When people hate and censure
It makes her sad and tearful!

‘Cause Molly, she loves everyone
Pure love to her is sacred
Her innocence protects her
From prejudice and hatred!

Photos of old,
Portals into a forgotten time.

Stomping feet upon fields of green,
Smiles and shining Eyes.

Where is the innocence?
Or the meaningless cares?
Glasgow Girl G1 Aug 2017
Men ‘love’ with their Muscles 
Women with their hearts
This leads to some confusion
When sharing body parts!

When ***** asks ******
“Are you coming out to play?”
She wants some kind of guarantee
He’ll not just ******, then run away! 

When he presents his love stick
Pretty it is not!
So, if a girl accepts it
She must like you a lot! 

So tidy up your quiver bone
Keep your flesh tower fresh
Spice up your wee sausage
She’ll sort out the rest!
Glasgow Girl G1 Aug 2017
If you see me in the street, just smile,
Then walk away.
You’ll wonder why I fail to speak,
The reason, I don’t care!

You see, when you, were in my life,
I offered part of me
But you had narcissistic traits
So now, you cease to be!

Best way to **** a Narcissist is to withdraw attention!
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