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A thousand miles away from you
Across the south china sea
Oh how I wish you were here
Right next to me

In the dead of night
I’m alone and cold
Missing your warmth
In my arms to hold

Just you by my side
Was enough to take my troubles away
I really hoped you grabbed my arms
And asked me to stay

You were all that I wanted
But you’ve made up your mind
I had no choice but to go
And accept the fact you never wanted to be mine
I’m up every night,
always have something to write
My mind won’t go to rest,
Overwhelmed with emotions,
I really must confess

So I pick up a pen and paper,
to hopefully move on to the next chapter,
Finally writing for someone new,
instead of clinging to the thoughts,
Of you.
When flowers couldn’t bloom
in the cold winter breeze
Would you blame the icy freeze?
Or the flower that can’t blossom with ease?

Then who is at fault?
If one that fails to meet
the expectations of the other?
When the other only spends
to much time in fantasies hoping that they would end up as lovers?

Nothing in this world is certain
to go always as planned,
So don’t  set your bar too high,
no one could ever reach it,
Reality will only reward you
with disappointments in the end
“I won’t hold you back anymore,”
he said, as he slowly untangles the chains

She was the one he always adore,
but he had to let go of whatever that remains
Can’t break the tether between you and
Impossible to move forward when time stood
Every inch of you I secretly
Guess now I’ll never have the chance to tell

What a terrible shame

We live in a time
where people would rather live
in solitude and isolation

When all they want
is just someone to hold
and help them through damnation
Like a retired sailor
that misses the ocean,
I still lust for your love,
overwhelming me with emotions

Gradually you seem
to have lost your devotion,
Now we’re just two particles
going through the motions.
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