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MST Jul 2014
I am always told:
What to do.
Where to go.
How to live.
"Climb that mountain to your dreams",
I did. I fell. Now I have a broken back.
"Travel the world and your memories will be your treasure".
I did. I got lost. Now I am a beggar.
"Do not love her! She will take you away!"
I did not. I stayed. Now I am alone.
Every waking moment I listen to what I was told.
How I begged like a dog and whispered like a pup.
Every waking moment I remember what I was told.
I did. I stopped. Now I am happy.
A May 2014
They tell me

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
but I hate you.
Walking under a ladder is bad for the soul
but I like to.
Don't break a mirror you'll have bad luck
I broke them all so I could no longer see.
Don't do drugs
I was hoping it would **** this monster
in my bloodstream.
Don't inject
I'm dependent on everything else.

Don't cry
but I don't paint my face.

— The End —