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Deep Feb 7
I'm tired of dancing
on your whims,
You are showing colours
like an authoritarian government
Kriti Gupta Nov 2020
I whisper in the wind
Searching for the sun to win
I’m a pretty sunflower
Won’t you pick me for your whims
Yanamari Sep 2020
Words fly on the whims
Of the tongue that speaks them
Like the flow of the wind that
Sways air to and fro
The air itself not as harmful as the
Wind that guides it and yet
The combination is the what carries
The perpetrators' knife through its victim

And there is no fault to the air
For the air did not create itself
And there is no fault to the winds
For the winds did not create itself
And their is no fault at all
Merely cause and effect;
The heart feels as it does
And morals sway with the wind.
Thinking back to times when I was experiencing low mood to a point where I couldn't help not expressing warmth towards a certain person even though I was more expressive with the other people in the same group which led to me being accusingly told words that felt a bit harsh, but I knew what the person was saying held some form of truth and yet couldn't help being the way I was. People say whatever they want, people perceive what others say as right or wrong, people feel differently towards the words of others. We are sentient. (Pers Ref.: UGDIRC2019)
colette alexia Apr 2020
Sitting at a table for one watching the wind
Me alone with my many, many whims
Curry and steamed rice
And jet lag, lagging behind
Misha garg May 2018
Frisky zephyr tickles my senses in mischief of fate
Dulcet melody intoxicates my heart in hues of love
Season of spring swirls me in storm of hazy desires
A tinge of red in my face as i steal those  furtive glances
Novel emotions flowing in river of love seeping in me
Burning in these flames I die alive to refect in your eyes
Like a phoenix , I am reborn , Colored to suit your whims.
Poetic T Mar 2018
Never kneel before another,
           always rise like the sunrise,
to bow to the sunset
                   only shows that's you
set to others whims..

Always rise,
              for we are brightest
                           at the dawn.
Vexren4000 Dec 2017
A home,
A farmhouse,
Sits and sets abandoned and cold,
Even in the summer sun,
An empty home,
Gets chilled by the winds of time,
To its very core,
Memories scattered,
Like the Leaves upon the lawn outside,
To be taken by the wind and rain,
And the whims of humanity.

Nylee Mar 2017
I stand somewhere between two extremes
These sides make me dance to their whims
and I try to maintain the equilibrium
but not always I win.
and at times , I get lost within
where sane thoughts don't get in
Make me do things I shouldn't have done
And as I cool down ,
I spend my time regretting , the control gone
Eats mine emotions
And mars my veriest heed
Her arms is a fortress,a congenial devotion
The cannibal of whom I find peace
But certainly,the no creed
I inhere to●

Breath speaks severity
But of fortune prudence and quietude
She sinks me the depths of her whims
Yet,ludicrously of null whips

Eyes eclipse blunt my sights
And rancour the rhymes of my visions
But then,she is the fair breed of gleams
A pleasant hue of sparkles I beseige

Tender tongue carriers coals
Of undying vengeance
Of which every touch trembles
Yet even as so
It feels finer than rosy Arabian night breezes

Her crest which be the counsel
Of which the wildest devilry passions is seeked
Chides and macerate my mastered pettings

She sets tables in her thighs
And serve the most but motley affections

She is despotic but decent
©Historian E.Lexano
®Recalcitration With Excellent
Love Affair
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