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abeille Apr 2018
I said that you were amazing
But you yearned to hear it twice
So you said that my life was dull
And the words cut me like a knife

You insisted upon staying
Forever clinging to my side
To help the world around me
See how brightly I could shine

But your words stuck to my skin
And the poison stung my eyes
You convinced me what you said was true
And I believed the lies

Until one day I flushed my eyes
And washed the glitter off my skin
Seven months and here I was again
Finally tired of what you did

As I went to run my errands
A little girl stopped me on the street
"You're as pretty as a princess!" she said
And I smiled in disbelief

That little girl helped me realize
Something very important that day
You were foolishly advertising glitter
To a chandelier on display
This poem addresses the issue of manipulative people and how important it is to love yourself. The glitter may be pretty and shiny but you are glimmering with confidence, and nothing outshines that.
japheth Apr 2018
don’t stay

for the glitters —

help me clean them up afterwards.
sometimes, you got to understand that everyone just puts their best foot forward first.

at the end of everything else, that person has its own demons they deal with everyday.

you can’t expect them to shower you with love all the time, like glitters. because as pretty as it may seem, glitters are hard to clean up.
Danielle Free Mar 2018
The light dances on the sea’s waves like those little skater bugs that hop on a pond. The jitter of tiny lights reminds me of a time that I was fainting; the same specks of glitter shimmering in front of my eyes as I tumbled onto the bed in a cold sweat, mother at my side with a damp, white flannel. But now, as I watch the same twinkling flashes surfing the tide, in the warmth of the sun, they seem not to be as intimidating.
BC Jaime Mar 2018
(for Stephen)

if i had to catch a trillion stars
to have you back in my arms
i'd weave them into a glittering lasso
twirl it through the biting night
until it hugged your aura
the way fathers embrace
prodigal sons
so that you would know
each second
each dazzling orb
each burly arm
awaits your safe return
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
b Feb 2018
i had another writing class
above the pharmacy today.
we watched a movie about bank robbers.
and in our discussion our professor said

there is so much evil
in the world
i dont even wish
to understand it.

i dont know if i agree or not
i dont know if thats the right answer.


eighties ladies
spray their hair back
wipe the snow
off the mirror.
march on.
glitter and sparkles
can always make
a dead thing look alive.
youth and marriage.
love and wonder.
age like bread
on the windowsill.

there's something
worth loving
in here.
did we hurt your feelings


let me blow you

scar me earners
get out of here you freak
The other day
we strung up fairy lights for New Year's,
popped prosecco because we're too cheap for champagne,
kissed under confetti with glitter on our lips.

It's been grey since then,
the after party is never as good as the real thing.
Aj Jan 2018
you are words.

you are crashing syllables that drip off of wilting rose petals and each letter is a star. you make up constellations while foreign galaxies drip from your lips. nebulae dance across your angel-shedded skin and particles of the sun hide under the freckles resting on your shoulders.

you are life.

the wonders of the cosmos that swirl in the pit of your lean and golden tummy, finding solace in the way you breathe in and exhale the energy of the universe that you created in the beating passage of my worn-out soul.

you are the universe's child.

and the stars that accumulate under your skin will explode. i'll inhale the stardust and debris, letting the particles of life that you emit pollute my bloodstream.
constellations dedicated to a lover who lost his way.
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