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Remy Feb 9
I try to imagine myself in a world where there’s no black and white
Just Yellow, green, and beautiful blue.
In the red reality we live in, it’s hard to just be yellow.
It’s hard to be just you…
I was born this way. That’s the truth.
But I can’t say I’m happy with this me. Society makes it hard for me to breathe in peace.

Black and white is all they see, but why can’t you just see… Remy?
I’m black and they tell me to be proud. Well give me a reason to say “I’m proud.” Mocking me for saying my life matters, laughing at me while saying fried chicken, telling me to pick cotton, and throwing paper at me, telling me to just “**** it up.”

Being this unique comes with a price. Being black isn’t a blessing, it’s an inconvenience. Why should I shame myself for being born with this color? Why should I apologize to others for not being born with their skin?

There’s a world in picture books and fairy tales that only consist of yellow, green and beautiful blue. But in this reality… You wish for me to be the color you choose.
Remy Jan 4
Forever, me and you. Through the
Rough and the tough.
It was you, who kept my head up.
Enough is enough, you knew.
Now you're gone. Where did you go? Did you find someone new?
Distance was tough, I know. But I never thought you'd go.
... <3

I miss you!
Remy Oct 2021
And Remy were supposed to have a life together.
Lucy is now with Heather,
Remy could be doing better.
Lucy and Heather fall too deep,
Remy is going to fall asleep.
Lucy realizes her mistake,
For Remy, it’s too late.
Happy Halloween!
Remy Oct 2021
My life is crashing
I feel like dashing
All my friends-
Acting ******.
I need support
I need some love
Saying you do
Isn’t enough.
People leave,
Im getting weak.
Give me some reassurance
Tell me it’ll all end up working out in the end.
Remy May 2021
I wish people cared.
I wish people were there.
They're too fed up in their pretty relationships and lives.
They don't dare ask about mine
I want to hide
I want to one day be honest and say:
"I'm fine"
Remy May 2021
I moved on so many times...
It's like I never moved on in the first place.

He moved on,
It's like he never took a step in the first place.
There you have it. Moving on isn't easy... At least for the people who have ACTUALLY loved someone. If you can just say "I've moved on" without cringing or second guessing yourself. You never loved them. Loving and crushing are two different things. I wish ALL people knew that.
Remy May 2021
The council has spoken. I don't know where this came from and I'm terribly sorry.
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