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Abbithian Nov 2017
thanks for being my friend
          thanks for putting me on the back burner when someone else
          shows up
          thanks for turning people I want to be friends with away
          thanks for never being there for me and then accusing me of
          being selfish when I tried to tell you
          thanks for being a really good actress when it came to you
          feeling bad about anything that happened in my family
          thanks for letting me do all the work on our projects while you
          play a video game on my laptop
          thanks for everything you did to me
thanks for making me stronger
thanks for making me realize
thanks for being an amazing friend
Abbithian Oct 2017
You say you hate drama
but you scream in my face

You say you care
but won't lower your caste

Your friends are my friends
you don't see that we share

Find any excuse
to turn everyone

Guess I know which side you pick
Sad to say that I knew it

Well now I know
We're done and gone

But I won't be singing
a sad song

You don't know
what you have lost

Because all you did
was brag and boast

nessa Jun 2014
My friends Dad died.
I played the whole thing off
like I couldn't care less
but I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry that nothing I say or do
will help you.
I'm sorry that bad things happen to good people.
I'm sorry that you got brought into my break down,
but mostly im sorry
that I can't deal with sadness or death
and I left you alone
in the black hole that is grief
and let you drown.
Laura Mankowski Apr 2014
Today I realized I met you 4 years ago.
The exact date was sometime last week, and I wanted to check but I've burned everything you've given me.
Yes, the book went first.
One day you'll go online and see all the loving things I wrote about you, I've changed to hate.
That's not maturity.
(Neither was the fire really)
Ask me if I care.
That I haven't changed them,
Isn't forgiveness.
If you find it all, it'll break your heart.
At one time, not so long ago, that would have killed me.
Now I feel.... unphased, unbothered, uninterested.
You're just a memory who's clarity fades in and out along with my fondness.
This appears to be a lot of anger, a lot of hurt and bitterness.
So tell me,
Why does "Beast of Burden" bring me to my knees? Take my breath away? Break my heart all over again?
I've perfected *****.
Now I'd like to learn healing.

— The End —