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Drunk poet Apr 2019
It's almost a decade now
But it seems like yesternight
Stone blind giving up his life for me
Deluged in the abyss forever
A part of me he took with him
Though gone,but I sense him
He seems so real,so evident
He is everywhere I think
My imaginations ****** up of him
Insanity getting better of me
I'm an embodiment of illusions
Powerless,my life shreds away
How will I make it stop?

pain, pain go away
Come again another day.
pain, pain go away
Let this agony fade away
Because my eyes has emptied the water in my body
My trangular life preaches pills, potion and coffee
Tell me, can you make it stop?
Like tattoo the scars wont stop from showing
And like Mississippi the tears won't stop flowing
How will I make it stop?

I'm swimming in my pool of tears
I can hear the reverberation of your voice, of how you cared
You gave me love, then you added pain and despair
I feel like tearing my heart into pieces to stop it from aching
I'm on fire, no amount of CO2 can quench
If there were a soothing balm, I'd rub my heart with it.
I want to heal.
How do I stop this misery?
How do I make it all history?
How do I make it stop?

©Rhoda ❎DrunkPoet ❎BobTony
Drunk poet Oct 2018
You know what they say
"one good turn deserves another"
I think they meant to say
"one good love deserves another"
I hope you see this someday
Drunk poet Sep 2018
. ... again tonight?
Just like other thousands of faded nights
Against the floor or the wall at the view of tender eyes
Well, maybe to the bed if am so lucky In silence darkness, dead!, literally
Then I'd moan at your every breath To avoid another bruise with colored artwork
You'd kiss me with your alcoholic soaked lips
While my eyes stay dead open
Tracing the mole on my body Or the mole on my scar?
My soul curses the youthful exuberance that made you my nightmare
{the poet that stinks with lines ⚟}
Drunk poet Aug 2018
I don't know, I... I can't describe it
I just wish your feet didn't move you to my door
I wish the ***** didn't burn so hot in me after
that little big fight
Now my lips keep ******* my tears
on words with "had I know"
I wish the liquor store had closed before that hour
Or better still, the bottle disposed
But it happened so fast that I lost my myself to another self
My anger met jealousy, like fire unionised with gasoline
I don't know, I... I... I can't des... Or maybe do I understand now
You were the page in my diary I tore
And the coin that slip of my pocket in the rain
Well, I'll wipe my tears away
For after just one gunshot I will be there to give you my apologies
{the poet that stinks with lines⚟}
Drunk poet Aug 2018
You are back?
Again with your perfumed lies like roses
To tell me you are wrong and probably sorry
To lick up my tears with your apologies
You are back
To pour me lies from the same lips I love to kiss
Again to pin me to the wall with your lovely punchlines
Reminding me of the world awaiting us
But today I will sit on this cushion
And watch you use your magic on me
I will wait for your lips to stop pouring out the lies
Then I will say "get out! "
      To her who conquered my heart with beautiful lies
Drunkpoet {the poet that stinks with lines}
Drunk poet Aug 2018
Aduke fear befell the sun
She knelt dreadfully before your succulent eyes
Fright encamped the stars
as ur beauty overshadowed their shines

The gods gazed down from their huts
To have a glimpse of your paradisaic beauty
Aduke mi, kings give their thrones away
Just to spend a half of second to witness your smile

Adukeeeeee, my dear old nation
Now children gather to listen to the tale of your beauty
As they catch warmth of fire
Made by wood from the forest you were buried
Drunk poet Jul 2018
Not so long ago we were made orphans                                                          ­                                                        Plucked form the family tree that grew us into a nation                                                           ­                                        Phobia struck us like cholera                                                          ­                                                                 ­          Religion armed us against our brothers                                                         ­                                                                Leaders occupied with zero point agenda.
Blood, our special kind of rain                                                             ­                                                                 ­           poverty, the only completed government project                                                          ­                                                                 ­                                                Corruption, our newly designed flag                                                             ­                                                                 ­  And breath, our only hope.
Empty caskets call silently for our body                                                             ­                                                             As we shoved old bones to make room for new ones                                                             ­                                         Our pain covered with GREEN and WHITE paints                                                           ­                                                          Pain, pain all over and over again.
We've found a new home                                                             ­                                                                 ­                           Back in the ruins, where we came from                                                             ­                                                                 ­ Let's mske our tents,and forget fishing traps                                                            ­                                              Because we might be here for an hundred while.

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