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Yolanda Sep 2019
Eradicate the words you once spoke to me
They mean nothing
Alleviate my pain & let me levitate

I write these words to forget my pain
Erase my memory & ease my agony

No longer do I want to think of you
Or how you made me feel
Or how you made me fall in love with your brokenness

Your smile, warm felt like home
But now that home is just a house with skeletons
How i wish I could burn down that house
Expunge it from existence alongside all the love I have for you

“Erase my memory & ease my pain...”

These words a prophecy yet to be fulfilled

Oh how I live to see that day ...
When your existence is finally obliterated
From my memory
Constantine May 2018
Despite efforts to try to erase you from my mind
i still catch myself wondering how your day is going
who you talked to, whatever drama it is you have now
is this what love is? if so i have it for the wrong soul
if i can convince myself you never had a second thought about me
maybe i can get over this mountain of memories
Dazed Dreaming Jan 2018
Wine at my lips I listen to KillSwitch.
My curse was your song to me.
I blare it so **** loud my ears begin to bleed.

The lyrics circle me.
They lift me off this ***** floor.
Bringing me back to our memories.
Back to where our hands bared that wedding band. Back to a home of intoxicating kisses and a passion others only dreamed of.
Back down to where I felt at home...

******* it,
Why did I have to listen to this song.
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
"GET OVER IT!" She said as if depression can be remedied
by any of the contents found in a first aid kit.
Rae Lynn Sopper Dec 2017
Pretty, ugly, smart, stupid, ****, loser, criminal, black, white, perfect, wrong, addict, outcast, normal, and freak.
What does it matter?
We use stereotypes to classify each other,
To separate ourselves into different groups.
I remember when I was young that I was never in dresses, skirts, or nail polish, and I didn't like pink.
I was treated as one of the guys, and that was how I liked it.
Then I got into school, where I was told I was wrong.
I was supposed to wear skirts, I was supposed to love dresses, and I was supposed to like pink.
I became a freak, an outcast because I didn't.
They categorized me,
I became nothing more than a title, as did everyone else who walked through the door.
We live life and whether we like it or not,
When we see someone we mentally sort them and tell them who they are supposed to be.
And heaven forbid they don't fit where they should.
Because if they don't they suddenly, become nothing more than jagged puzzle pieces,
So jagged that they don't fit anywhere and shouldn't be allowed to.
Yet here I am, proud to be jagged, and proud to be wrong,
Proud to stand out.
My mom does more than worship her man,
Is she wrong?
My uncle is a police officer,
Does he brutalize?
My Aunt likes wine,
Is she a drunk?
And I don't like pink,
Am I a freak?
We go through life being told how to live.
Follow the trends,
Have the prettiest friends.
Don't talk about the things that you've battled,
And don't let them see you're rattled.
You need to wear this and eat that,
And did you see her god she's so fat!
Be more like her,
And fall in love with him.
Because if you don't your chances are slim.
If you're not like them you don't matter,
Because we have been stamped with our peers' opinions.
We've been told time and time again to reshape ourselves.
Too bad that our time has passed to change the world,
But have no fear for we still have time to change ourselves.
Be pretty,
Wear pink,
Like this dress,
Follow this sport,
Wear these shoes,
Live here,
Shop there,
But what if I don't want to?
I am who I am and I'm happy this way!
Isn't that enough for you?
No, it can't be, because I don't have the right to be just me.
I don't have the power to decide!
She'll say be taller,
I'll have to.
He'll say be smaller,
I'll have to.
They'll say be quieter,
I will have to.
I will say be louder,
And I can't.
Because I am a freak.
Because I don't like pink.
Don't be so bitter last love of mine
It wasn't a lie or a waste of time
You taught me much about who I am
And more about who I am not
I am no *****, no criminal, no thot
But I am worthy of love and lust and touch
You taught me to be gracious and grateful and kind
You taught me to love someone like me
That wasn't you now I can see
But it's not like it wasn't meant to be
So don't be bitter last love of mine
Time will mend you have her and I have wine
Speak ill as you will I can't stop what you do
But I have learnt to forgive
and so should you
You talking **** like I’m the one, who broke the truth,
You say I cheated when I loved you most,
I’m not the one, who lied during the good times,
How can you be mad when you broke me?

Honestly girl I tried to save us,
You sat their hoping id just shut up,
You didn’t like me but you’re mad about a kiss,
Get over yourself it was but bliss,

How can you be mad when u lied all this time?
I played a game and ruined my own life,
Don’t you understand you were my world?
Now you’re nothing **** shouldn’t be my queen,

You made our problems public,
You hurt me even more,
I’d love to say I hate you,
But I guess I still hurt more.
you know who you are
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