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Ashley Thao Dam Jul 2018
And when I hear you speak
With joy and sunshine in your words
I can't help but wonder
How all this light
All this love
All this joy
Came from the ruins
Of a soul once burned black

This liminal romance
I am transformed
Reborn anew

She said she didn't mind
If you stayed for a minute
A season
Or a lifetime

I'm on my way
Towards feeling the same
Clara E May 2018
I remember being offered the same bed. It was a joke amongst friends, amongst friends who'd already heard my heart flutter when I'd brought you along for quiet drinks in the kitchen. You couldn't sleep without a smoke you said after everyone had gone to bed.

In the summer air I joined you outside, turning down the cigarette when you offered. Something about the summer haze made it only natural why I'd followed you out in the early hours.

We used to talk about our lives and our feelings and the flitting of people through them. I recall the grass being wet as you paced, insisting you were holding on for something better and it was coming, you just didn't know when.

Last year in that morning dusk all I recall is the content quiet, the improbable, the quiet of the garden as your company became the volume. This was never love, this was a collection of moments that put the bird calls in the day. Placed us in orbit around the sun. Made days feel like days and nights feel like night.

(Early fondness)
Within a year we weren't speaking but this is a fond thought.
Share your heartbreaks.
Your mother is now gone
But, you can still hear her voice
She will always be there in spirit
To help you make the right choice
Remember those lessons that she taught you
And the times that you all spent together
Always cherish everything
And keep your mother in your heart forever
Ashley Thao Dam Feb 2018
I've been called many things
Unsavoury and unkind
Words that strangle what little hope
I've stored in myself
What little light
That's been left
A flame so heavily guarded
Yet barely burning

I've been called many things
Sometimes I crumble within myself
Forgetting where I am
Who I am
Who I've been
Who I could be
Wishing I could just spotaneously
Not be

I've been called many things
Emotionally draining
How is it that I feel everything?
And then nothing?

I just want to feel again
I just want to feel real
I just want to remember that
I'm more than these names
These things
These afterthoughts that
For some reason
You decided to impart on me

I've been called many things
Things I didn't want
Things that aren't me
Things that barely touch the idea of me

Among these things
These verbal illustrations of my personhood
Alienating and cold
Misconstrued and yet so sharp
Ambiguous yet so sure

I have been called many things
But never yours
R Amber Dec 2017
if i were the sun,
i’d paint you the warmest dawn
in hopes that you will feel
my amber embrace
yesterday—nothing but a trace

if i were a song,
i’d wish to taste your lips
settle on your tongue
keep you humming, dancing
by my side, swaying

if i were the moon,
i’d guard you as you sleep
an angel for an angel
a goddess watching her god
the clouds—they watch, fond

if i were me,
and you were you,
i’d want nothing else
but your hand safe in mine
as the stars fall in line
3purplepebbles Nov 2017
There will truly never be enough cake in this lifetime
but absence makes the heart grow fonder
isn't it?
In your absence......
Ashley Thao Dam Jul 2017
It's hard to breathe when all your regrets are bouncing in your chest
that hollowness
and the never-ending echo that vibrates throughout my entire body

Have I made a mistake?

All the connecting, glowing, and seemingly sweet certainties have faded

I stand here stricken
My accomplishments in hand
And crumbling

Pieces of the last few years forming into an outline of your face

My fingertips pulsate with warmth as i recall your touch

I've never felt anything
So perfect

So smooth and soft and unreal

Moments like these never last, do they?

We were so tired and yet so eager
To intertwine

Fixated on deep breathing
The flavours of eachother's mouths
And the momentary synchronisation of our existences

You're always so busy

And i'm always leaving

It hurts to entertain the idea
Beyond temporariness
But i can't help myself

I know you told me to say it less and yet
I am still sorry

I will always wish for a chance to get to know you
And for that I am not sorry

For once
Madison Greene May 2017
please don't use my lips to forget about hers
if my hips are thicker and legs smoother  I hope you don't find yourself craving faded memories
I won't let her scars scare me away if you promise to stay when my tears fall needlessly
and God I'd love to say we found each other easily & unscathed
but my bruises are still purple and sometimes I wonder how he is
please believe me when I say he never made me laugh the way you do and I know you only want me on your passenger side
we have loved before but never like this
Ashley Thao Dam Feb 2017
There are fires raging inside me
Flames so fierce and abundant
Mistaken for warmth
By you
Yet so eager to burn
Your fingertips
As you reach into my soul with every
Glance in my direction
Every utterance
And every breath you take

I am not golden
I do not mold and melt
Under the pressures
Of your condescending gaze
The etching on my naked body
Pay tribute to the electricity
Running through my veins

What you see as a natural disaster
Is but a natural wonder to another
My fury floods
My passion flows
But enough about the me that you didn't --
Bother to get to know

I am not a force to be reckoned with
The coals of my pain are everlasting
Full of the cracks and abrasions
Of acquaintance's past
I am volcanic
And not afraid of harming you
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