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Niyati 5d
Everything has become so different in a couple of months,
I have become the most beloved on all fronts.
But the mere thought of getting married,
Gives me goosebumps.
My heart starts pounding,
And my body becomes numb.

But just to become Mrs. from Miss,
I have to forego on all these?
Life would be so much different,
And every move so uncertain.

Responsibilities that I never took as a daughter,
Would be forced upon me, as a daughter-in-law.
My complaining mother will have nothing to nag about,
Seeing her daughter as punctual as a clock.

All these thoughts fills me up with anxiety,
That now I have to take care of a new set of relatives and a SOCIETY.

Now everyone would expect me to become the nicest,
But why they don't understand? I am still Daddy's little princess.

Yeah i know, overthinking won't help,
And even if i make any mistake, he willl be there to weld.
Egø PrOfETa Jul 25
Some days for me
Are like  I'm living


Man it's like I'm being held
Prisoner against
my will
For shaking up

The System*

For I seem to have

My two cents


These split / Decisions
In which

Are now    Distant

So like
A Fish
Outa water

I Risk it

The be scaled
for new

But still
I won't tell

For these here
were made for

Ocean Waves

But your scales
can't sway
this here

Heavy Weight

So you might need
Some more  Bait
to entice me with


Even though

It's nice up here
Up on the  Surface


I've been search'n
for my  Purpose

So like a Porpoise
I stay   Dorsal


I refuse to stay
Dociled in

Like an Urchin

So it's right here
Where I've been
that I'm now

And it's Urgent

With strangers
glaring at me
For certain

But there true
I can't place
For certain

So now I'm
That I may need
some more space
To purchase


Maybe I'll get faded
just to keep me


While Surf'n
Our thoughts are vying to be freed from the constructs of our own minds. Which is reflective of how we are all coping with this so called quarantine / social experiment
rosie Jun 6
the fear of missing out.
seems like I have missed out on so much that
it isn't a fear,
it's a habit
Nylee Nov 2019
I am fine
The world just wants me sad
They materialize over my weakness
Makes me worry about normalcy
Feed me double my appetite
I think maybe they are right
I do need this and that

Business boom
When everyone is dissatisfied
Lose sleep over cravings
We are always missing out
But I don't need to worry about that
I've to tell me I have enough
I am fine.
Naravi Oct 2019
not emotions
but my body freezing and falling asleep
once again I found out last
once again I feel left out
it doesn't even hurt
it doesn't bring me sadness
it just exist
and my body reacts to it
but my brain shuts down
my emotions turn off
it's like I'm away from my body as it's not feeling anything
Matthew Orellana Sep 2019
Everyone wants you to be someone else
“Don’t conform to society, but be yourself
Remember to educated, quiet, and polite
Don’t make faces, don’t laugh loudly
Don’t forget to be nice!”
They tell you to be different but to act like all the rest
They tell you to have character, but only show your best.

If I’m acting like you and you’re acting like me
Then together what are we?
Were just a bunch of people pretending
to be something were not.
We’re all together putting faces
To be something someone wants

In a world where people tell you
“They’ll like you for who you are.”
I find it kind of funny
how were all same model car
ive just been thinking about this for awhile
andromeda green Apr 2019
a whispered secret
a knowing glance
a random laugh
a hidden joke

i know i wasn’t there
but i swear it wasn’t my fault
so please stop making me feel
so freaking left out.

i’d rather be with you
and i know it doesn’t seem like much
a shaky streaks
a liked photo
a viral tweet
a funny video
thanks for giving me a reason
to give in to all this fomo.
i have a very bad pet peeve of feeling extremely left out and helpless in the smallest of situations and it makes me feel so terrible inside for feeling this way and why i shouldn’t even care in the first place but i can’t help it. here’s a very ****** poem to try to express how i feel
Celeste Geld Mar 2019
Sunset grazing the horizon of my day
Where has it gone? My heart in dismay
The beauty escapes from the sides of my eyes
While my heart beats faster and faster
For the anticipation of the missing day.

Of all the things I want to accomplish
None of them done
Would I be content if only I could halt
To see the gratitude I yearn to express
But can’t find a way among all the distress

My chest crawls unreasonably
Watching a beautiful day turning into night
In contrast to my fear of missing out
My hand stutters and I reach for stillness
Although the wants seem so endless.
Juneau Feb 2019
what time was it
what was your age
when you first found out
that it's all just staged
from their instagram account
to their facebook page
it's all just made up
so they are not upstaged
they exaggerate their life
as their followers rose
they take a hundred shots
to get the perfect pose
so don't get caught up in it
you're not missing out
these apps intend to create needs
and to fill your life with doubt
be aware as you scan your feeds
it might be time to log-out
repeat this line just as it reads
i am not missing out
February 16, 2019


fear of missing out
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