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Brent Kincaid Jan 2018
I have had enough of you!
I know I am not alone
There are millions suffering
And someday you’ll atone.
At some point the silence
You enjoy so much will end
And you and your cohorts
Will not have a single friend.

You insist you’re a Christian
Then cheat and lie and steal.
Point to all the good people
And claim their values aren’t real.
You gather with other creeps
And dress up very expensively
Then spend your stolen loot
On lavish living extensively.

Some of you may have made
A study of which things to quote
Of your badly interpreted religion
And memorize them by rote
So you can spew them back
And claim you are a greatly pious
Man or woman of God’s grace.
That’s how you buy some of us.

You pump us full of falsehoods
Blame everyone but yourselves
And demand we go right on
Working as your mindless elves.
Meanwhile you take apart the good
That we have tried to do before.
You lie and claim you are helping us
And too many of us don’t keep score.

That will not go on forever because
Not all of us are raging fools.
We will turn on you and beat you
With all the appropriate tools.
We will cast you out to the coventry
You forced us into all these years.
You'll rage at us with no result.
You will understand living in fear.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
There won’t be  anybody waiting
When the evil get to heaven,
Not even good old Saint Pete.
Just a long slippery slide
Each of them must ride
With no way to land on their feet.

It's sad we have to wait
For the sweet bye and bye
For the evil to get just desserts.
We console ourselves that
When their number comes up
We can't help hoping it hurts.

They might get to heaven
But they'll never get inside
That's one place where lies won't suffice.
If they look good on the surface
But their insides don't match
They're going to the realm of fire and ice.

They're sure to be welcome there
The devil will have use for them
When the righteous world will not.
They'll probably forget the words
Of that time honored phrase:
"If a fish keeps its mouth shut it won't get caught."

It's sad we have to wait
For the sweet bye and bye
For the evil to get just desserts.
We must console ourselves
When their number comes up
We can't help hoping it hurts.
Sally A Bayan Mar 2016
It comes unexpected,
As is expected; one knows when.....

Sometimes, it takes too long,
Reparation eludes....fades,
Slips away.

Humanity becomes
Are two
Impossible dreams.

I ask God's
I become
Wearied, and


Copyright March 17, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
You’re a smack down
Kick-around, clueless clown
That tells unfunny jokes
And runs with the blokes
That put up with your antics
And your busted semantics
Because they think someday
Things might swing your way
And they can profit by association
With a human abomination
That enjoys investing atrocities
With scarifying velocity
On the halt and the lame;
Running opportunistic games
On those who cannot defend;
World without end, amen.

But heaven forfend
That you might have a friend
Who seems a holy prophet
But does not seek for profit
And acolytes to their cause;
A bogus Santa Claus
Who leeches from the people
In his church without a steeple,
Just microwave towers
Sprouting like ugly flowers
To spread out the message
So we can read every passage
That boil down to a sermon
To send money to this vermin
Your bund proclaims a messiah
When he is really a pariah
Nobody has yet recognized
He’s so well disguised.

But, be aware, polecat
Some know what your at
And what you are doing
I nothing more than accruing
That which you can bank.
You have nobody to thank
For the outcome you inherit
From the outcome you assume
When your calumnies bloom
Into the realities that appear
When the truth draws near
And tars and feathers you
And when your victims do
What they should have done along
Was reject your ways gone wrong
And found a rail lying around
To ride your **** out of town.
Seán Mac Falls May 2015
Troubled waters rise
Sands march, locust lost in maize
Harvest moon sinking
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2015
Mankind playing God
Red burning sands, angry skies
Blue ocean will rise
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2015
Little yellow finch  .  .  .
No bird listens to her song,
  .  .  .  Only cat entranced.
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2015
Bull frog in fish pond—
Loud, one day I heard last croak,
Raccoon washing hands.
Seán Mac Falls Oct 2014
Troubled waters rise—
Sands march, locust lost in maize,
Harvest moon sinking.

— The End —