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Nalinee Nov 2020
You talk of tangibles
I'm stuck in intangibles.
Highly doubt if you'll ever see
Questioning eyes, I can no longer hide.

Who'll believe, if not you
My smiles deceive, do you know.
Not you, but myself
Eagerly waiting, to be caught.
Nalinee Oct 2020
Dilemmas and confusions
Unsettled and unsolved
Instead of hault
Become the driving force
Give shape to the unexplored
Let excitement to continue
Let life to happen
in not just one way!
Nalinee Sep 2020
Every little thing around, a piece of poetry.
Identifying its right form, a life's mystery.
Blending ourselves into its verses, a task that needs mastery.
Singing it aloud and heartily, a great victory.
Nalinee Sep 2020
फटे होंठ की लकीरें
या कपड़ों में पैबंद ज़्यादा थे?
फिर भी, लाल बत्ती सी चमक आंखों में थी।

बोली में तेज़ी, " ख़रीद लो मैडम "
या मजबूरी ज़्यादा थी?
फ़िर भी, बेचने की कला बड़ी अद्भुत थी।

बेरंग दिनों को बदलने की कोशिश थी,
सामने रंगीन पर्दे सी ज़िन्दगी थी,
पर टिकट उसके लिए, महंगी थी।
Nalinee Sep 2020
Amazing moon
Different phases
Which one is the best
Any guesses
New moon hides and rest
Humbly shifting the limelight.
Crescent is shy to boast,
That's a beauty, of course.
Half tells truth,
Nothing is absolute.
Gibbous is fun and spark
Full of hopes even in dark
Full moon is admirable
Revealing all, including flaws.
Everything is beautiful in its own way!
  Sep 2020 Nalinee
Sarita Aditya Verma

Last of its remains, hung
The yellow leaf
precariously strung on the the tender yellowed stem
As the yellow copper pod flowers
Came down along with the rains
On the vibrant green leaves
And fell on the pavement clean

Nalinee Aug 2020
Father's shoulder ride,
Beautiful part of life
The reach was easy
Giggles were crazy
No sweat, no exhaustion
Absolute delight
With no splash of mud, cross several puddles
Higher than all, even aim gets bigger
Hard to believe, this light would fade
Down there, darkness awaits
Fight gets tough, serious, tiring,
dull, *****, clueless
Oh, Father's shoulder ride,
Can't it be endless?
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