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Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2019
My brother was a lion at home,
Protecting his family fiercely.
An eagle as a supervisor in the factory,
His eyes everywhere.
An ant, always busy never taking rest,
He was a cat and monkey,calm and agile,
He loved children,
He was a dove and a kitten with them,gentle and playful.
He loved swimming and was a fish in water,
He had won many national awards.
He was a fiddle but a wolf too,
Fit but always hungry,
He loved pizzas and anything that was barbecued.
He had his bad points too,
He was an eel, slippery,
Never committing  himself to anything,
He was also a mule, very obstinate .
And when he saw cockroaches,
He brought the house down,
Became a ghost, white sheet.
Chris Neilson Mar 2017
She felt Facebook was an unnecessary evil
why live in a vicarious virtual void?
erstwhile friends kidnapped by social media
even her beloved doting dog was annoyed

She directed bitterness towards Twitter
140 characters hardly a ballet
no proof to her the world was kind
no shield to keep her demons away

She retreated into a twilight existence
a bleak future beckoned without a foothold
obstinate obscurity and sliding into oblivion
out of the darkness she suddenly struck gold

Miss Anthropy wasn't born to despise mankind
an outlet was needed to rid her of hate
she changed her ways via writing and verse
finding Hello Poetry and her true soul mate!
A play on words
I wish you would say what you mean
Instead you say nothing to me
All these ******* cracks are driving me insane

— The End —