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jaekwon oliver  Mar 2013
jaekwon oliver Mar 2013
i wake up in the morning
no ill fellings inside me
i go to school talk to friends
then i look
and see that happy couple
and thats when it hits me
i experience a feeling that i can't explain
its like knots are forming within my very core
then i become upset
seeing that couple
happy without a care in the world
the feeling gets stronger and stronger
then i do things that i regret for the rest of my life
Tyler Cobain Jun 2014
Underneath the stars
My heart's begun to leak
And all the words that I've prepared
Have stabbed me in the back
Now I'm straving for a breath
And an aclove for my suffering
I'm not gonna stop
I'm trying to burn off my all fellings

There's nothing you can say

Underneath the stars
My heart's begun to leak
And all the words that I've prepared
Have stabbed me in the back
Now I'm straving for a breath
And a aclove for my suffering
I'm not gonna stop
I'm trying to burn off my all fellings

There's nothing you can say
María José  Oct 2013
María José Oct 2013
She used to smile
to really smile
she used to love life.

But then one day,
From nowhere,
her life compleatly changed.

"I've got to be strong"
She said to herself
and so, her heart she locked away.

She was strong for years,
but as time went by
she started to fear

Her feelings wanted fredom
so she opened her heart for a little while
and then they came pouring...

Shouting and bitting
screaming and demanding attention
she couldn't take the preasure

So she wrote a note to her loved ones
and with tears in her eyes
she swallow the death pills

But her sister saved her
she went to get help
and they helped her

The fellings are strong
but now she knows,
she knows she is stronger.
Jessica Jul 2013
I can see clearly now
The rain is gone
I can see all abstaces in my way
Gone are the dark clouds
That had me blind
It's gonna be a bright

I think I can make it now
The pain is gone
All the bad fellings have dissapeared
Here's the raimbow
I've been prayin' for

Look all around,
There's nothing but blue skies
Look staights ahead,
Nothing but blue skies
Copyright © 2013 by Venus
All right reserved
Legral onion  Sep 2014
Legral onion Sep 2014
”It’s funny how i thought
I was good at hiding my
fellings, but then strangers
started asking me what was
wrong and why I looked so
tired and that’s when I
realized you didn’t care
enough to notice”
Cartwright  Mar 2010
Cartwright Mar 2010
So to say cool say so to pray how do we handle a bad day, to love, to hate , to excite the gate of mortality.
To dine in hell, to desire in heaven how does honey loose its sting.  To Love in Desire  and
to F*k on a wire... We made Love today in Anger,
We made Love today in Pain,
We made Love today in Desire,
We made Love today in Lust...
I Love Her
We F
k  today Out of Love
We FK today Out of Need
We F
ck today out of Marriage
I Love Her
Do we Consimate Anger
Do we Consimate Danger
Do we Consimate Spirit
I Hate our fights
I Hate our strife
I Hate to survive than thrive
I Love You
The sweet fire of Passions Eye
The sweet Passion of thine Thighs
So sweet of your Lips
So sensual are your Hips
To **** with the mind
To Shape the body
To be greedy and **** with kindness
To Love out of Pain
To Love out of Shame
To **** our Regrets
To **** with prospects
Do we Consimate,
Do we hesitate,
To Love, To Hate
To Lust, To Desire
To *****, To Rub
To Bash, To Clash
Do we Consummate our Love/Hate Relationship
Do we Consummate Our Intensity of Marriage
When we cry we Hurt
When we cry we Enjoy
the way we Love heaven flows up above
To sway from hellacious fellings is to Hinder True dealing
To mindfuly Love
To mindfully Hate
Shall we Conssumate
Our marraige Flows
Our marraige Glows
Our feelings go
to were we can only Show
I Love Her
We Made Love today towards Anger,Pain,Lust, Love,Reunion,Soulfully feelin
We made Love today for so many reason but most of all
We made Love today because We miss each other, because We Love each other.... I Love Her
So Deep,So Rough
Intense, I could never Get enuff of US
I Love Her so Much
Christopher Nathaniel Cartwright
Copyright © 1983-Present
DC raw love  Nov 2014
DC raw love Nov 2014
Fellings and admaration
Will get you to your destination
The love that you hold will never grow old
The things that we learn
Are the things that we teache
Our life long adventure
Is something we keep
There's pain and suffering
Show that you care
With these things in life
You can go anywhere
As I wonder why
With the tide the moon never reside
As I wonder why
The moon pulls the tides  
As I wonder why
my fellings i choose to hide
As I wonder why
you could want such a guy
As I wonder why
I choose to waist my time
As I wonder why
You begin to decide
As I wonder why
With that guy and not with me you choose to reside
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
Sequence of words and repetetion,
made of beautiful lines and concentration,
deep thinking makes the sentence to flight,
all is called along and named as rhyme,
in it there are pouches of errors,
makes the expression of fellings that matters,
modified meaning of writing,
belongs to a thing,
sharp and blunt teasing collection of experiance,
it does not have any limitation or resistance,
it is a flow of small nick in mind,
passionate feel it winds,
every time ****** spelling it consists,
anyone can write a rhyme if he break the walls of cyst
Pramod Shinde Apr 2015
Step by step
one fills
pages of
the empty

chance by chance
one lives
the empty

turn by turn
one comforts
the sadness
of empty

as empty
Viper  Jan 2011
want some?
Viper Jan 2011
you want some? come get some, that's what I'd say

call it an offer, call it a challenge makes no differance either way

I have held back my fellings for far too long

pushed them into a corner and they have grown strong

no longer in control, now the captive instead of the master

fearfull of the imending havoc they'll bring and the total disaster

you want some come get's their curtain call

if you hang about to see the show it's likely you will fall
copyright/Viper 2011
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
Drowning in the ocean of your eyes you leaned in just too far away  
Your lips taunting me
You had me playing mercy
I was begging you to take me

— The End —