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regina Jul 16
“I think it’s better this way” he whispered against her ear.

She smiled seemingly agree with his words.
“We shouldn’t take a risk in the first place” she muttered.
It always takes two to tango.
regina Jun 24
Rindu ini terlalu besar.
Terkadang memberontak tak tertahan.

Aku berusaha,
aku yakin aku sungguh berusaha.

Tapi, sampai sekarang
Suara tawa itu masih mengalun merdu di telingaku.

Bayangmu mengikuti hariku,
Selalu, tanpa jeda.

Melupakanmu merupakan hal yang rumit.
Memori indah terselubung dibalik kata benci.
regina Jun 24
Eyes on the ceiling,
Body laying on the bed, pondering.
Mind's on somebody else, picturing.
i've been thinking about you.
regina May 16
I should have known,
This is another game I'm about to lose.

Hold your grip,
Don't let it slip.

You can never win this.
inspired by Amy Winehouse's song, love is a losing game.
having a feeling for someone it's like gambling, you never know how it will turn out
regina Mar 19
Senyummu, tersimpan manis di benakku.
Tatapmu, terkenang indah di pikiranku.
Gerikmu, terbayang di memoriku.
Hatikku, kosong tersimpan di ragamu.
Perasaanku, terbawa oleh sosokmu.
Memoriku, hanya kamu.
it's been 10 months and it's always been you
regina Feb 4
It's not the breakup that hurts.
It's the fact that he is no longer there to fill your day makes it hurt.

You are no longer waking up to the sound of him sleeping soundly next to you.

He will not be there to comfort you when you need shoulder to cry on.

You will never feel the touch of his warm arms when he cuddled you close.

His goofy smile faded as he walked out of your room, without turning his head back.

Maybe this is why we said love is an idea.
I loved him, just because he is always there when I need someone to lean on.

Now I have learned,
Sometimes we just want someone in our lives,
Even if it is not the right fit.
i came to realization today.
regina Oct 2018
They used to spent their time at ikea everytime they were together.

She remembered she pointed her finger to one of those couch. She said she wanted to buy that and put it in their room.
She can’t erase the memory of his smile after she said that.

They were too in love, they start to make believe and holding onto “what ifs”

And when they were passing by to one of those garden swings.

He stopped by and grabbed her by the hand.
“One day i will build a garden at the back of our house, i know you love swing. I’ll plant some trees. We can spend our time there. I know you will love it, i will love it too.”

She could hear excitement within his voice.
She nonchalantly hugged him with a big grin plastered on her face.

A year has passed,
She was scrolling through her instagram.
She saw, he bought the swing they always wanted and planted a tree next to it.
With another girl sitting right beside him.
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