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Modern technology
Fascinates me
I am a holy man
Above science
I make light and sound programs
Divya Darshan apparitions
Of Divine
Technology hypnotizes me
Masses I hypnotize
I make light and sound programs
Heads of the state patronize me
Patronizing them I reciprocate
I dance, I trance
You enjoy my light and sound program
Modern technology fascinates me
I am a holy man
Above science
Eloisa May 2020
Here in this fascinating fairyland,
thousands of magical words exist.
But your kind words create
lovely metamorphosis spells.
To my friend, Peter
Bhill Sep 2019
Are you out there waiting
Waiting for the one chance
The one and only chance to see
To see the most stunning sensation
To see the rising of a fresh new day
A new day filled with fascinating new experiences
Experiences so unique and seldom beheld

Wait, there it is...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 237
Wait and see it for yourself...
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
Let the ink spill
Reflecting the true virtue
Of yours
In such a way

Every reading mind
Try their best, to create
Their own version
Of you

That is what
You are

Thank You
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: The untold story
Liz Jan 2019
close your eyes
imagine her

Light blond hair
An attitude that don't care
Skin like pearls
My stomach wearls

So kind
Not like mine
Glass off
Glass on
No matter what she is a beauty

She owns the earth
My heaven
My hell
My univers

look for the sign
and please be mine
A beautiful young woman I once knew.
stranger Oct 2018
I live in a world of encrusted lies.
In a world of hellos that never come again after goodbyes
A world where they say you can't do anything right before you're worthless
I live in a world of constant distress.
A world where we choose hahas over *******
A world where we wait for red to turn into blue
I live in a world of worries
Where nobody gives a **** unless they're inside your story
A world of pretty lies and unspoken truths
A world with philosophy questioning our never ending route
What's a lie they say
Because they say at least one everyday.
But they're good aren't they?
I've been wrapped up in them for the past decade.
I'll drown in them by the time I'm 30.
Die with them when my coffin waits for me.
Been lied to since I was 2
in this world
the drums of scrap
steps leading
CIA man nodded
neutralize it.

"So we understand yes?"



Saddam Hussein
On her next stopover in Basra
black-Nigel, came kissing?
Written from random pages in his novel.
thehiddenwriter Oct 2016
How beautiful it is when someone prays for you without you knowing,
It's such a noble act and
I can't possibly imagine
anything purer and deeper .
Jesica Jul 2016
He was charismatic,
She was demure.
Together they were
A fascinating couple.
They overcame difficulties,
Which the labyrinth of life
Had bought along.
The aged called them,
"A pair made in heaven."
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