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Eloisa May 2020
Here in this fascinating fairyland,
thousands of magical words exist.
But your kind words create
lovely metamorphosis spells.
To my friend, Peter
Star BG Jan 2018
I live in a fairyland in heart.
A place divinely orchestrated
with Gods hand.
Where sun shines every moment
and hearts are filled with compassion.

I live in a fairyland in heart.
A place where light infiltrates dark
and peace echoes.
Where truth vibrates every moment
and spiraling energies of love blossom.

I live in a fairyland in heart.
The place I shall go to often
The place I wish to be.
Inspired by Marian a gifted writer. Thanks
Star BG May 2017
I live in a fairytopia in mind, drifting with wings golden brown. With eyes that see beauty in everything. With a heart that expands with visions to write.

I live in a fairytopia, dancing to bond with Mother Earth. To live peacefully in oneness. To celebrate all who have gravitated to earth.

I live in a fairtytopia, moving with open heart. With a human-like body that sends love compassionately. With a dream that all can awaken for peace.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by Bunny
apollota Feb 2017
Fragmented nothings
And sullen crowds,
A life dreamed in color
Under dark storm clouds.
And all the while in wonder,
A fairyland awaits.
Disrupting the hands of time,
To anger the fates
Wrote this on Jan 03 2017
My beloved you are so sweet so tender
I have my life and my love to surrender
Just tell me what else I just have to render
I have the message but waiting for sender

Come as early as you think appropriate
My eyes are open for you finish my wait
Your love made me nothing but hermit
I became poet and writing for you sonnet

Let us take each other to go hand in hand
My love is my style your beauty is brand
People say I am just making castles of sand
At times I think I am with you in fairyland

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —