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Skye Dec 2020
Don’t believe in love, she said.
Unstable, and pointless, resulting in hurt.
A chemical reaction of neurons inside your mind,
A mendacity, unreal,
An illusion from the truth.

He looked at her in the eye, and asked-
A simple question, but a truth, nonetheless:
The universe was born from a chemical reaction
Does that mean the universe is unreal?

Armand-DeamoJC Dec 2020
A boy, aged eight
Asked his father a question.
"Was my birthdate,
The cause of your depression?"
The father only watched the boy
Which started to annoy
The child's thoughts
Like PTSD and gunshots.

A boy aged ten
Asked his mother the same question;
She said it was war, then
That it woke his inner aggression.
She said it probably took his soul
And one day again he'd be whole

A man aged eighteen's
asked a question by his parents
"Are you proud to have those genes?
And to be in our presence?"
He didn't have words to describe
The emotions he tried to hide.
He always sought recognition,
Not their judgemental superstition.
He wanted them to be proud,
But as expected, he bowed.

He left their presence, knowing:
That his entire life, he was growing.
To be able to handle the truth,
About his entire youth.
He was never adored or respected
His parents were to be represented
By him, and that was his goal;
NO! I Did not sell my soul

Your reputation, is not my responsibility
My future is
You can't accept that,
And I understand now.
It's time for me to leave,
This toxic representation
Of a Home
I've been partying a lot, and doing drugs, but I only thought of it to enjoy my last few months before adulthood. My parents knew what I was doing, but said nothing until they were spoken to. They never have given a **** about me, only about the way their parenting reflects from me. I should've gotten a job in the military, but they moved the application dates to next year. Last I heard. My father kept it from me, until the day before applications. He told me there's a drug test and I won't pass it, I'll only destroy his name. I stopped smoking **** and popping pills before my exams started, but there's no trust. This was my childhood and I've decided that I've been blind for too long
JA Perkins Nov 2020
Everywhere you look -
smiling faces with
hidden motives..  
Selling dry wells to
thirsty humans
swearing they're
full of water..

Devilish schemes
trickled down to the
ignorantly oppressed.  

Like lambs to slaughter..

You don't believe them?
Then you're an outcast.

Parade the washed up
faces of your platforms.
Stand behind the
curtain and watch.

And I should be
Well.. roll the drum
of patriotism..
Not everyone gets to
choose between
two evils and pay so
handsomely for it.  

And that's freedom?..
You're lying.

We really are in
the slums and
most of us
don't even know it.
It is what it is
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Thanks for something

Thanks for something.
Thanks for nothing.
Thanks for all those words you said.
Go to bed, you’ve said enough.
You’re all out of luck and I’ve got nothing to say.
Go away!  Have a nice day.
Peace be unto me.

Use the force in May, to make them change their mind, maybe.
Little time left for you; time to be crazy.
I’m not listening, no more a slave to ladies.
Use a noun, not a name, hello Baby.

Left all sad at the end of a phone.
Cut the line to the lies…leave me the Hell alone!
I know you better and more than you would like me to believe,
But babe please, don’t be a tease,
Waving your love at me.
If it ain’t real then it ain’t no-thing.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
A Nov 2020
This isn't real
I'm sound asleep
Off in the realm of another
Lucid dream
I feel my oxygen depleting
As my heart rate start increasing
Quick to thinking
Can't wake up 'cause I'm still sleeping
Interrupted by the demons
In my head where they be living
It's a nightmare
In this dwelling
It's a place that I call home
It's all I've ever really known
I'm on my own but not alone
I find the warmth within the cold
Is this real? I need to know
Lost between the reality we see and the reality we live
mark soltero Oct 2020
let me rip away the ivory
from the elephant in the room
rebuke its presence
cover my ears
so i don’t have to realize
these anxieties you bring
they long to dethrone me
rip apart each bone
pick apart this broken brain of mine
with each triggered nerve
i scream it’s okay
putrid false indifference
hopeful lies
for the barren sober pain
Suspire heavily, 'tis a garden of demise.
In amid of prolonged night it blooms.
Sea of night shines long and bright,
Methinks the stars are to blame.
Under such folly the garden dwells.
Nigh onto the envious dawn.

I felt the velvety dews,
Lying at peace over the willows.
Owls of Minerva hoot unsung beauty.
Vile are the fruits of life that demise withhold,
Endeavoured with the phantom of false.

Yes ‘tis our garden.
Ornaments of life violate to death,
Under this night where the cursed garden dwells.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
It's a platonic love
No fk  fk
A spiritual person
No **** ****
It's a platonic love
No hug hug
No kiss kiss
No hiss hiss
No fiss fiss
It's a platonic love
No fk fk
No sk sk
A spiritual person
Vacuous truth
Hedonistic tendency
Vacuously false
Where and when
Torch beam
Beaming smile
A spiritual person
It's a platonic love
Denise Uy Sep 2020
when thunder strikes,
i hear you in my head.
scared, childlike
while you're lying in bed.

tell me what you need.
warmth, a hug from me?
it was what you let me believe
and i was too blind to see.

you tossed me the next day,
from your bed to the streets.
you said we'd be okay

but i guess you really were lying in bed.
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