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Chicken Feb 17
We physically met,
our fingertips touched,

We both transformed
into previous tenant dust,

Our bodies
dissolved in the fallout.

We were the last ones left.
Helene Marie Jan 15
you called me an underrated friend,
like i was just an old product
that people had failed  
to play and experiment with
Shannon Soeganda Nov 2018
Little bunny was so adored,
Little bunny then grew up
as Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit was so loved,
Peter Rabbit now becomes
Her guinea pig.

Alice was her name,
Alice in the Wonderland.
Alice liked Peter,
but treated the rabbit no better than a mere guinea pig;
for her experiment—
in her Wonderland.
Thanks for experimenting on me, *****.
Arke Nov 2018
you photograph me
the parts I hate
my stomach and legs
the shutter clicks
zoom on my stretch marks
my jiggly bits and thighs
draped with see-through fabric
my skin for your eyes
to capture me
through your lens
raw and rose-coloured
we'll see what develops tonight
hot lights flash stars
my eyes are fixed on
your lips as they smirk
when you catch me
off-guard and too real
you're too close to my face
you're too close to my body
you're too close to my heart
and for a moment I'm scared
that your camera really does
capture all of me
all the parts I hate
my darkness and anger
the sad memories
the things I've done
the people I've hurt
I'm nervous you see me
but you whisper I'm beautiful
there's another click and flash
for a moment I believe you
and hope the camera captures
the me that you see
through your lens
Ran out of my own fantasies so decided to write about someone else's
Amela Kovacevic Oct 2018
I favor not the days of months of
Then came the warmth of yours and of
solstice slumber
far and long enough to portray
a sort of ache I have ached
to confront like David.

Goliath, having finally fallen in fall
years ago
left standing merely a memory and
narrative which all have known
to harbor hardly any truth
nor any woe
but instead a poisoned crown of thorns
upon my head.

“Comatose”, cries Moses
along with his double wives
each of whom rinse my feet with blood
to merely watch them dry
and proclaim we’ve united.

“Go on, then, God”, they chant three times
and grasp my hands
and guide my eyes
into the warmth of yours and of
solstice slumber
far and long enough to decay
a sort of ache I have ached
to confront like David.
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Will life, angry, feel lost?
Rain love.
Stand(ing on the) earth,
sadness eyes.
Beautiful pain-man,
(for you, I) air deep wonder.
(Lost in a) broken time ride.
Storm (on)... Cry, dead heart.
Sleep, summer dreams.
(I remain.)
An experiment I did with the top three lines of words on my profile. I wanted to use them, in order, to write a new poem. The words in parenthesis I have added. Honestly, it isn't bad.
Dylan Mcconnell Sep 2018
I write about love when I’m in love.
And well, write about heartbreak when I’m experiencing that.
So instead I thought I’d do an experiment.

Write about love and heartbreak today.
While sober.
While awake.
Not morning, not night.
Not feeling manic or depressed.
Just am.
It just it.
I think this’ll be interesting.
helena alexis Aug 2018
you drove my heart into the night
running far far away with it so that
it is never to be found again

you are a seductive devil in disguise
you acted like you wanted this but
then you lead me on

you wanted this to be an “experiment”
sorry but my body is not for scientific purposes
when ppl think they can use you for your body smh
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