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Sharon Talbot May 2020
Stick my phone into the wall--
hoping no one trips on the cord.
No mobile phones in this dark age
and computers haven't come of age.
My TV has cable but the picture's curved.
Static makes it look so old
and my frozen dinner's gotten cold!
I shut it off and think: at least
I've got a huge stereo
with a dual tape deck.
Listening to New Wave
is much better than televised dreck.
Maybe someday they'll make it digital
but it won't be quite the same.
I'm as happy as a person can reasonably be
in the year 1983.
A kind of fond, snarky memory of times past...
Terry Collett Oct 2017
You were the quickest born:
in less than three hours,
as if you couldn't wait to see
what life was all about,  
and at home with just
two midwives present,
and I watching, waiting
to see you born.

Then that time the quack
decided rather late,
that the lump on your neck
was cancerous,
and needed to be removed
before too late.

We thought it might be
a downward slide,
but the lump
was non malignant,
and we breathed
a breath of relief
and not wounded by grief.

Looking back, you were
the tempestuous one,
the firey girl with go
(whom we nicknamed McEnroe),
who left home first
to venture out,
to walk the tightrope of life
and taste its wares,
and take its ups
and downs and cares.
Of our daughter Chantelle 1983

— The End —