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E Jul 2020
The end of an era
The start of
Something new
Hopefully something better
No more curled up in bed
Watching I Love Lucy reruns
Going to the gym
Watching leaves swirl down around whoosh
Winter comes quietly
Ends fierce, like a lion
Fire burns in my chest
As I step into the classroom
Yet another era
Era, alas, the end has come
Anastasia Jul 2019
Lucy was a girl
With a bright red coat
Her kindness sweet
She was never alone
But sweet young Lucy
Didn't know
Her left from right from wrong
Sweet young Lucy
Didn't know the Devil's song
So our sweet young Lucy
When her cost was spattered with red
Didn't know when it happened
That her parents were dead
She bubbled with joy
And giggled so sweet
When Lucifer said her name
"Some day you will be my queen," He said
"After you play the Orphan's Game."
"I will see that if you win
You will be the ruler of sin."
So Lucy laughed and said of course
"Sweet dreams!"
She said,
To her parents while they bled
Now clueless Lucy played his game
And lied the homeless to sleep
To the blind man, the she said
"It's safe to cross the street."
She played his game
And told his lies
And the game had been won
But even then
When she was done
The chaos had
Just begun
She didn't know
What she had wrought
And pain and lashings
The devil man brought
But not to his queen
For she was his Lady in Red
Sweet young Lucy
Would never be dead
Lucy played
His Orphan's Game
Eventually sweet young Lucy
Soon grew up
And Lucy one day
Fell in love
Of course it was Satan's luck
The Lady in Red with the softest touch
It was a gory romance
The Queen of Sin
Let the devil man's
Emotions in
And since dear Lucy
Was all grown up
She gave in
To Lucifer's lust
And when I say
That blood was shed
Trust me
And Lucy's sweetness
Was not dead
Some call her darling
Or his Queen of Sin
Some call her Lucy
Or God, even
God was a woman
With a blood-stained coat
The devil man's wife
Swimming in her blood moat
Where the bodies of her parents
Would slowly float
And sometimes scratched
The bottom of the boat
Lucy has won
The Orphan's Game
Lucy had played
without shame
Lucy had had let
The devil in
And she became
The Queen of Sin
Just a story ❤
A B Faniki May 2019
Simple things for simple people;
they live a simple life,
marry a simple wife and

have simple children and
leave a simple history for
the world, upon their death.

They stumble on a beautiful
today and trip on a wonderful
tomorrow; and prosper always.

They live out their lives
in peace and die quietly
without suffering and at ease.

They are like the rising
and setting of the sun
that comes and goes quietly.

They are the envy of
everyone that knows struggle,
war or pain: this I know.
simple things is a poem say that sum people are lucky to have a simple life here on earth.
Matthew Harlovic Sep 2017
come on baby we can do it

if you listen to the music

and follow the movements.

lose it all to a lucid dream

a fluid stream of consciousness

between another being.

it’s a freeing feeling
to see the ceiling

crash before your eyes.

i find it kind of healing
to witness one’s demise

‘cuz it’s gone in a flash

but it’s feels alright

not to fight the light.

© Matthew Harlovic
what am i on?
Nat Lipstadt Aug 2017
for Lucy: who gave me the title, three poems, a compliment, and the X Factor {inspiration} then disappeared
the spume,
the sea foam concentrate, a greener white,
from the the salt and the souls of million dead organisms,
the natural compost of its formation

it, watches the poet, who watches it,
the spume,
come ashore for its final act of
immolation by evaporation

which is why the random act of
an unseen ministering force,
fills my ears with humbling glory of

Samuel Barber's
Agnus Dei,^
my fresh reminder that this
fooling, swelling chest
in this temporary abode of mine human shape,
by the sea,
its passage and welling swelling,
is prepaid for too
expiration by evaporation

as all the white wooly lambs march to the sea,
returning to spume

Lyrics to Agnus Dei

^ Alleluia Alleluia
For our Lord God Almighty reigns
Alleluia Alleluia
For our Load God Almighty reigns
Holy Holy
Are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb
You are Holy
Are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb
the  X Factor from Lucy

"-Lucy: ›
the undulating structure of the sea, woman

"I can feel the ebb and flow as I stood on the shore and dipped my toe in .....I waved hello back to the rhythmic pulls and lulls....
grateful to be submerged in
the swelling and the spume."

Aug 24
Zero Nine Mar 2017
Felonious bologna spread
sweet meaning lips to air
through air to ear.
Good kids grew up framed
Bad kids grew up changed
Zip burnt bone butts
Sweep the back patio
Procure snap lights
Glow sticks in darkness
Vibration received
One hand on the other's trail
White-blue red-pink
Write names with innate
Shapes in muscle memory
MC Hammered Nov 2016
Line Dancing with Lucifer

The breeze breathes like the Earth shares
the same pulse.
I trip down the rabbit hole,
but never fall.
The tingles tickle my toes.
I listen with my eyes.
Lucy isn’t in the sky with diamonds.
She’s passed out at the hotel bar.
I trip down the rabbit hole,
But always fall.
I am line dancing with Lucifer.
Erret. The record
scratches. If he likes the way
my hips sway, then
we don’t have to make a
deal. Adios,
amigo. I’m out of this hell hole.
(Literal hole leading from Hell)
The grass smells greener and
tastes taller on the
flipside. I walk on my hands everywhere
I go. Suga ****, you on your hands again?
You’ll marry a rich man
one day, they said.  He will
walk on two feet.
Barely bipedal.
Que habla me nada.
The paintings started speaking soliloquies.
To be or not to be?
I don’t remember answering
the question.
I fall down the rabbit hole but
I never trip.
Oh sweet lucy.
You are so kind.
You always listen to me
You look at me
With your kind eyes.
So gentle.
I love you, my little puppy.
My baby.
Im sorry you have to live with my dad
But as long as we live together we will protect eachother.
I know i can count on you.
Each time i come home,
And your little tail wiggles,
It warms me
I love it when you give me hugs.
You are just the cutest thing
We get to watch each other  grow up
And im proud to be your daddy
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