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Sam Hawkins Sep 2018
I've known heights, aimed like a bullet
to the top of my head.

Forbidden songs, jagging
placid landscapes.

Waterblood waterbone -- my body
cried out to me.

How long the abuse, how long!

In the barreled pit of my sober life
up from common sense--snapping into it,
my soul came alive.
Alive I say!

By grace I breached.
Free in the wind!

Kingdoms of water, alive kingdoms --
hear now the words of my tears.

Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!

I slam on the brakes, tear off the roofs
of my steel compartments.

I see sky and feel in daylight all the hidden stars.
I declare -- the emperor of death
has no clothes.

I scatter forgiveness, unjudging,
across all the fattened streets.

All the oceans of me are singing.
Spinning angels' symphony.

Over the graves of ancestors,  I vow:

Water, I shall love you.
I shall speak up and protect you.

I shall fight for you and die if I must.

Ten times ten give my very life
-- that you live.
this is how water (which is so under attack from all sides on our planet) spoke through me 9.23.18, around the time of fall equinox.
Jessi Apr 6
as vibrant flowers press
their beginnings
from the frozen ground
i untangle
my body
your body
i am the primavera diosa
bringer of new life
of what existed
between us
at new beginnings

as ice melts
from the blazing sun
i let out a sigh
releasing my feelings
for you
and thawing
the earth
around me
i am the warmest
the softest
thing you will ever
get your hands on
a way
of seeing
the glory
was harry
but retort
future warning
as thus
her earring's
a drift
and upon
this ceiling
rift was
her full
circle blithe
and the
first day
of spring
First sun-warmed sand
First boots-and-socks-off beach
First ankle-deep stand in rushing water
First SPF rubbed on my face
First crocus pops up in the yard

Nearby, a young father begins
to teach his toddling young
how to fish.

Last high-country snowshoe
Last low-country woodstove fire
Last hot bourbon toddy
Last dreamy days of Pisces
Last longing for lost love melts away

Early over the mountain
the nearly-but-not-yet worm moon
spies the confluence and I below.

Here at the place where things change,
the wild world fills me
and I devote myself once more.

For one who is in love with the chase
And the glory of all things yet-to-be done,
The true rapture of Nature is in knowing
She is too Big, Wild, and Free to own.
(Like me.)
Winter without snow
Tranquil and turbulent winds
March into spring
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku #90
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Our dreamlike states whilst awake
Keys to another realm
Orbiting vibrations visible to the eye
As high up in the sky out of reach
Spiritual lesson which they teach
Under a tree or on a beach

The people come together for a session of fun
Equinox in the sun
Time stands still but goes so quick
Is it our minds just playing a trick
A poem that reminds me of a time a while  back
Michael Sep 2018
Mythos anecdote
just on the brink of fiction
evening potion

Berry stained laughter
sipping slowly to savor
breath caught in the chest

Ah, yes, crystal gaze
Cards that fit the palm just so
A spark —brief luminescence

If there is a storm
There, too, are hands catching rain
and the green-eyed girl
Breeze-Mist Sep 2018
Summer's duration has come to an end
No longer do I swim upon the shore
The days shorten and the winds start to bend
This crisp air is what I've been yearning for
A month into my time at this new school
And it feels as though this is my true home
I finally live by my self made rule
And I no longer find myself alone
Autum has come and I'm finally free
To be whoever I should wish to be
It's the start of my favorite season in a new school, and even though chemistry is a struggle, I feel right at home.
Happy equinox!
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