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Dante Rocío Sep 10
I expect
the day when
Poetry is no
longer forcefully
when we commit
as of
when we
of it,
or rather
of us,
not shunned or shunning by
the traps in
We Poets then
will truly spurt
and raise an elegy
the skin.

That one faithful day
libraries and others will shed
letters and papers,
like finally autumn
our chips into small
like pearls with shells

those who choose us
on the shelves will
receive the reward
of our dragging
our depths like
persistent algae,
a while,
or forevermore.

And I’ll finally be
able to unveil to them:

“I am one of Poetry’s

For now/
pay the lyrical’s heed/
in its written ways/
by the respect of every/
blank space ending/
before each and every verse/
it brings/
Expectations towards the way Poetry’s sharpened, like earth to metal clustered,
for vending mists.
I wait for the lip-like, felt transfer.
I wait to for the first time under
standing customers on the sale
for our chippings made easy.
I wait for my affection’s freedom from
paper, pen, glue and shopping stink.
I make an everlasting patient boycott
On a bench clear.
Randy Johnson Jun 2018
Disney didn't expect it but Solo is a flop.
When it came to ticket sales, the second week saw a 61 percent drop.
In Solo, Lando Calrissian is a pansexual, even robots turn him on.
I'm sorry to have to say it but the magic of Star Wars may be gone.
Certain people are angry because of The Last Jedi.
Leia was ****** into space and she didn't die.
Disney obviously knows nothing about outer space.
Criticism is something Disney doesn't want to face.
Disney thought Solo would be a massive hit but it's not.
Fans are angry and that is what caused the Solo boycott.
If you like The Last Jedi and or Solo, that's okay.
But Disney is very upset, they've had better days.
Murredith Feb 2016
***** isn't okay & no government or *any authority figure should ever be the one to decide if someone was sexually assaulted, or not. In addition, a human's rights, safety, & mental health, should not be taken away or reduced simply because another human or a group of humans have decided so. Kesha Rose Sebert, better known as Ke$ha, is a celebrity who called attention to a situation where she was drugged & ***** & isn't finding justice even after speaking up about it.
Though she was denied release of her contract with Sony Music, meaning she now must continue to work with the man who drugged & ***** her, she has the support & help of millions. This is because she's a celebrity & attention was called to it. But what about those who aren't known? What about those too afraid to speak up because it's a hopeless attempt for justice. What about those who did speak up but the case died in a court room or even before it ever made it to a court room, simply because the abuser has higher authority, more power, or is in some way guaranteed to be found excused by the law?
What about them?
Thank **** she spoke up. But what about everyone else? Justice needs to be served to Ke$ha & also to the many other victims in this world.

**We shall not fall under those above us from fear or from the indignity of others.
Go to & sign the petition to boycott Sony. Speak your thoughts, share this message, share other messages about it. Sign, speak, share & don't let them win. We will find justice. Together.
JM McCann Jul 2015
The following is what you make of a stranger’s ramblings
Now the cop
who ignores the lights is out the next day giving tickets
the sky does not turn black with an honest **** in a hit and run
the sky starts to melt when you and I refuse to think cause survival!
We are so busy trying to survive that we let everyone else die!
Are we given enough problems to only be able to carry for so many of others?

The doctor earning boat loads of money needs to make sure
that he can survive on his retirement funds!
Why are our problems blown up so much,
I get it they are close so the look big but the sky is falling and we
are busy looking for the remote!
Was the world designed in a way where learning of others problems
is always the straw that snaps the camels back?
Where we always have enough problems to only be able to
carry so many of others?
I’m no Titan.
I have seen myself flattened against the sky and ground
hearing stories of cruel smiles and I have minimal problems
that I can honestly claim as my own or as problems.
The world is going to explode and we will be bickering about who
should have been guarding the gate as a trigger is pressed against our face!
It’s not too late or I would have killed myself or made love then killed myself.
Our problems are not even the center of an atom.
They are often the same one, so instead of looking at them individually why not
attack the chain?
It is hard to believe in non-violence.
Honestly is humanity slowly turning the earth from something
that could have been the back-drop of heaven into the welcome gate for hell?
Strangers are what you make them to be!
Stop hating each other! You don’t need like each other
just know that they are humans so they have encountered magic
a magic that would have lit up your world the way fireworks explode
against the city-scape.
Also know that you and I and the stranger down the street
have all embodied a devil at it’s worst and a saint all
without being fully aware.
An angel never knew it was an angel only others did
a devil can see themself.
This is a call to arms just not guns
this a call to boycott, to call others to march with you
a lone marcher is a crazy a thousand lone marchers together we are
The time to hit the gas was years ago.
Your own problems might get worse but they die and defeating
others problems is immortal.
This was what you make a stranger’s ramblings.
CA Guilfoyle Jun 2014
Grow organic gardens, untainted seeds, saved and collected
plow the dirt, rich red earth, autumn's bountiful birth
food pure and wild, to eat - a way of life!

we cannot thrive in unearthly soils
in their poisonous, GMO field of spoils

awaken from our sleeping denials
autism, sickness born in the chemical fields
all the killing of you and I
I am most concerned about the direction of the world's food supplies, and especially here in the USA. We are being bamboozled by the big Food corps, they have continually spent millions of dollars to insure that proper labeling of their Gmo foods, laden with pesticides, and harmful chemicals, will remain status  quo, therefore keeping the general public in the dark. This is a huge issue folks. Much of our modern day illnesses can be traced to our diets and the foods we eat. I urge you to boycott these big brand names - VOTE with your wallet.

The GMA, whose 300-plus members include Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and General Mills, is also pushing a Congressional bill called the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014."11 The bill, dubbed the "DARK" (Denying Americans the Right to Know) Act, would actually preempt all states from passing GMO labeling laws;_source=dnl&utm;_medium=email&utm;_content=art1&utm;_campaign=20140624Z1&et;_cid=DM48529&et;_rid=563944015

— The End —