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lua Oct 2019
I saw you in the underworld when the earth collapsed

The incendiary skies burned bright;
And I saw you beneath its scorching glare
Standing by the banks of the river Styx
Your supple skin marred and stained
By soot and mud from below your feet
And burnmarks;
I know not where you got them

I called your name
Shouted it
Screamed it
But you did not hear me
You did not listen
Simply stared off into the distance
Body glowing, body burning
World glowing, world burning

(I never saw you again)
TheRiverStyx Sep 2019
Very tedious balancing acts leave us impressed.
Your not Atlas, though.
Life could punch through you like you're dough.

It would have done the same to me.

With that said, throw in the towel.
You go forth and people will don the mask and cowl.

This bus has no driver or brakes.
We lie on the floor awaiting our fates.
For a fiery crash that makes the neighborhood awake.

Or maybe that was too pessimistic.

Get off your ***.
Atlas can't say "I'll pass".
Must they shove you in there?
Keep your eyes open.

— The End —