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Mara W Kayh Jul 20
Less I am a fisherman
with patient gaze on
undulating seas

and more bait
heart on the hook
for you,
to cast away this
Spontaneous,  shortpoem, short, poem, fisherman , trapped, hooked
Mara W Kayh Mar 18
Bitterness is the taste of fiery love grown cold
On a lover's breath

Putrid is the smell of a well worn out fantasy
left hanging in your secret closet

Rancid is the look of unrequited love
On once vibrant lovers' lips

Hardened are the veins of a
desperate old fool
Longing for love

Cursed was the day I let you inside
The exquisite warmth
that is my beating heart
Getting more mileage out of that brief affair.. Because  it was preceded by an over decade long distance friendship , which I miss. Plus, I really really like the guy.. As in love like. . And I don't easily find myself so taken with anyone in that way.....
Mara W Kayh Jan 21
My life is a virtual battlefield
complete with hidden traps,
layered atop cowardly assaults

between highly guarded spans of peace,
Inside my house
chairs and walls
are coarsely blown to bits
by verbal bombs,
and stark fists of shrapnel.

Behind that simple smile,
semblance of solid love
so easily shaken,
lies a ripened mine field

I tread on tiptoes
yet it erupts under
calloused feet unprovoked,
blasting glory to grey
as sacred sanctuary
falls to scarred terrain.

Spears lodged inside ribs
I peel myself from the ground,
shake off soot,
wait for dust to settle
before I march forward, again.

yes I lose the battles
But I will win this war.
Reminded me of the song by Pat Benatar, "love is a battlefield"
But again, hate seeps in as well.
Interstellar spiders,
Dragons made of steel,
Glassy whales upon the
Outer limits of this galatic
Wind. Breathe in the Aether,
turn to stone for all I care,
Cerberus haunts me.

Even in the paradises of this
Land, even in the woods of
Remembered ceremony, even
When the New England wind
Whispers in my ears, all I feel
Is the doom of impermanence.

When I die, **** it, I want those
Great Alien Beasts to eat me, because
At last l, I might have the Real,
The unstoppable, the Irreplaceable

She feasts upon the faces of the
******; she cleanses our terrestrial
Slime of pain.

Steel dragons do the same, thru the
Geriatric vortex.

Whales of haunting humpback echoes
Swallow planets like krill, made of sand
Glass from aeons beyond your eyes.  

AND O! YOUR EYES! How they melt
into my chest like slave chocolate and
Swamp coolers; that is the realest
Thing I could write.
A Spanish cult brother
with a giant piquillo pepper
for an official hat, an
****, three squid, a pair
of broken Louis Vuitton sun-
glasses, a god with the head
of an Ibis, coming
through the restaurant kitchen
to whisk you into
The Land of The Dead.

Three eyed Frida beckons you
from her bed. Can you imagine
the conversation? It melts
in your hand like slave
chocolate and cubensis and
you cannot tell her how much
it means for you
to place your *******
onto the glowing center
of her Eternal.

***** can’t seem to grow much
harder than when around her.
She’s a star down here. Of course,
she’d much rather make love to
a queen of sheba than your
broke ***.

You didn’t even have the coins
to pay the ferryman.
Mara W Kayh Dec 2018
Between us lies
an eternity
yet I breathe your air,
an eternity between
but I felt it again!
the thrill, the high when i'd caress your hair..

that same glimmer in your eyes,
that same stare,

a wiser embrace
a wrinkle here and there,
your countenance still other-worldly
and fair.

an eternity between us,
but you broke the spell!
still together..
and no one can tell
the most vivid dream to date that I have had of my beloved.. who left this realm 14 years ago. age 26. He spent the whole night with me. it was a real visit and i woke up feeling he was with me ..yet so far away
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