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RedD Sep 2018
My mind is hindered
Words hard to fathom
How to convey?
Just let the words flow
From pen
To the paper
Connect from the heart
I'll tell you these things, S
I've never felt such as this
For one man,
Yet strong enough
To tell you how I feel
But unsure if you feel the same
Meet my gaze
Feel my touch, my fingertips
Buzzing with electricity
Across the earth to your soul
Static fills our bodies
Embrace the energy we create
Light from within
Will guide us
To a place
Just for us
And us alone
For S
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
Her pulse rate
Please match me
"Bee's high"

No fireflies to burn my money
Honeycup fingers devour it
The yellow- brick road pours it
The Van Gogh yellow
Honey Queen Bees follow
their fellows
Am I Waiting? 12345_*

The first mate
he ain't got my sting
The others don't mean a thing
The headset swirled to pitch black
Watch your tattoo back blinded
by your yellow
Too many honeycombs
spoiling his ring,
His honey like some hot disease
What an increase in salary
month of June
All the Kingsman double sting it

On the ebb, to triple play it
It's a  Lil- Deb on the ebb
buzzing the personal
Up close the sting
One of a web kind
He makes his move
"Google it" checkmate

Miss Butterfingers her
clicks get stuck
He caught her act
What a stinker

He checked her off the fate
of a singer

To update, on the ebb bees
Sting Shrine what's mine
But why on your time?
That parking meter roar lion coins
build me a buttercup
What a buzz cut please shut up
On the ebb of my interns the
a seduction that's no crime

The Queen of Cherchez
So the lemon square
Bee's at 1960 Worlds fair
He took the bait
La Femme au-fait
Post date, 
 The ebb bees
two lips stick like beeswax
The ebb of everlasting sales tax

"Les of the Mohicans"
of her most desirable
words he narrates,
The honey-blush trees

Bees on his proposal knees down
The Queen's bees money

Money for nothing and your
checks for free our freedom
Dire Strait music shrine
Sunshine Gold free state
She donates her heart he awaits

Like 100 degrees hottest light
The golden armor shield
Bees were coming to America
Oh say can you see by the
Dawn-Sting Night

His overflow
His soul the magnitude
every heartbeat
extremity on the ebb of destruction
On the edge of our sanity web rated

Taking a long devouring breath
Like it came at birth
Ripleys believe it or not
forget me not flowers bees
Love was true never to
be false eyelashes

He touched her skin
He goes deeply drawn in
Sting shrine all the envy of mine

Ebb of the darkness her virginity
like a novice

The sting buzzes shes the naughty novella
His sunrise spread with his pocket knife
That honey (Goddess) sun Italiano

Sting shrine like Valentine her Spa treatment
To be raised in the
"Amazon Prime" Honeybee sticky hands

Facebook take a look everyone is an open book
On her ebb of the Emmy multiplying
I hear the bees **** seduction
Geology is the Bees Queen hot Sting
Her impulses she tried to hold back
But went forward with her
desires of him
Her draws bumble bee lingerie
She was the drawback
Wanting her ringback
Honey eyes were set back
And I'll be back to slingback

Asteroid Ebb of her hub ******
Wicked impulses being
aroused by his hot yellow rod
Like the smile increased
her face value
All body textures of virtue

What a pressure body point
Attuned to the sting shrine
The Monk the bees are alive
with the sound of
music modifying her sting Gods
Got reckless Moms whats the odds
Like a shock of eternal love, I'm sold

Toxicity facing our reality  
That's the jungle of publicity
Duplicity like the twin city
Both smiled bright yellow and black
Dress Bumblebee sexuality
To its authenticity

Her color of lips
build his sexuality
Beehive sanctuary
Playing the flute
Ebb Bees are so cute

Her name is Brooklyn
beehive of hair
Heres the shock waves bride of
Changed to better
brains of Einstein

They both stare face to face
Her ebb of the tip
of her ***** with Grace
We earned this day
Be happy I crown you
Queen each and
every day
On the ebb of seduction or darkness, we need more circuits to react to get more into the Godly light or be on the ebb of your seduction and fight a better education just see how far you can go
Bryant Jul 2018
Drone in a zone
It's his own private place that he owns
And you think he's got no thoughts
But he isnt awake yet
He's still not awake.
What happened?
Where did he go?
Can he not hear our flow?

Look he opened his eyes!
Maybe he will take off his hellish discuise!

"The trees are dead."
He says.
How sad
The tops of his eyes fell again.
I wonder if he was always a drone.
I guess we will never know.
Due to the fact that he's stuck in the phone zone.
Rayne May 2018
His voltaic caress courses through me
As his fingers bloomed into flowers
And his breath a soft breeze on my skin.
His voltage electrocuted me
My confidence amplified as the words
Rolling off his lips
Found my ear
And charged my veins
When it reached my heart.
Skin on skin like no other magnetism
A breathlesss sensation
From such an opulence of love.
His true electricity so overwhelmingly paralyzing
So overwhelming that my desire
Had devoted to hydrating itself
Under the waterfall of his affection,
His current perilous but phenomenal
As it coursed through my liquid love.
And no other contingency could execute
The inadequacy and animosity I held from myself
For the lightning that struck from his heart
And radiated from his hands
Convinced me otherwise.
A galvanism so tremendous
Emitting when the crevice of his lips
Closed around my neck
And up to the roses blossoming from my face
A spark.
Amanda May 2018
I’ve noticed the way you look at me,
Across the room we lock eyes,
We smile,
And then usually someone comes along and our attention is redirected.
You wish me a good morning every single morning,
I can see you trying to hide your excitement to see me.
Can I tell you a secret?
I’m excited too.
But alas, you have a girlfriend.
Of course you have told me about her,
&& Of course all of her faults,
Trying to pretend she doesn’t exist
For the brief moments we spend with each other.
Your friend,
Or should I say HER friend,
Can feel the electricity between us,
So he puts himself between us any chance he can.
It’s what a good friend would do after all.
We laugh and I tell you all my crazy tales,
And I can see the twinkle in your eyes,
Wondering what it would be like to love
A soul as wild as mine.
But every night you go back
To the safe cocoon she has created,
But I can see the fire in your eyes,
Wanting to break free
Of the hole you have created you call a home.
We could be a thing,
I have let my thoughts wander
To think of the stories that could be written,
But I can tell you aren’t brave enough
To break free of the quiet life
Of societal expectations of what you should do.
So I’ll take your quiet stares, the compliments you whisper,
The times you race to ensure we share brief moments together on our coffee breaks.
And have a quiet satisfaction knowing
That when you kiss her lips,
All you can taste is mine.
mindmatter May 2018
runs through my veins
remaining eager
to take away your pain
to break your chains
sending sparks
lighting up my brain
shooting down
with the rain
it carves your name
with flames
onto my skin
my hairs begin
to stand thin
across all four limbs
my breath within
the depths of my sins
travels to cleanse
your heart
that craves to mend
the color blue
is an energy
I never knew
would lead me through
the darkness
walking beside
a person like you
with nothing to do
but to adore the view
the lightning
proves I’m alive
that the wires
wrapped around my spine
stay intertwined
with your being
finishing the design
the storm defined
as a miracle
made to stop time
and to shine as bright
as the electricity
that has helped
me survive
c May 2018
I wasn’t pretty
Like Christmas lights
Or wildflowers
Or summer

I was pretty
In the way
Thunder raises goosebumps
And the way
Water droplets cling
To lashes in the rain

You weren’t pretty
You were beautiful
Not in the way
Of smoldering eyes
Or strong arms

You were beautiful
In your voice
And the way
You smiled.

And we weren’t pretty
We were awe
Not in the way
Of fireworks
Or Broadway

We were awe
In the electricity
Of lightning strikes
And the way
My skin tingles
Where your words
Dropped like rain
And refracted light
To make rainbows
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...”
Aa Harvey May 2018

Electric dreams of better feelings,
Running through my veins.
Electric feelings you cause in me
And these feelings will drive me insane.
I’m crazy in love with you
And love is driving me crazy for true.

Electric lady blew my mind,
When she didn’t kiss me goodbye.
She kicked my backside out of the door
And our love was no more.

She broke me, so I can no longer find love.
She broke me; I am in need of a hug.
I loved her like I loved my drug,
But she broke me and left me for dead in the mud.

I loved her more than life itself
And she hurt me more than anyone else.
I wanted her love more than I feared going to Hell,
But she broke me and I am in need of some medical help.

Alone with my misery,
Alone with my thoughts.
Feeling fragility,
There is a fight to be fought.
I must beat this anger out of my mind,
Because a loss of direction is all I am able to find.

I need to fix myself or get some help,
Or fail to crave love and lose a piece of myself.
Here is my heart; it is pointless to me,
When all it does is pump blood through my body
And allow me to be.

Love is dead on this cold hard floor,
So I am heading through a different door.
Electric love was amazing, but she was never pure,
So love is no more and living life is now just a chore.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

With fire hands I set alight,
The thoughts inside my empty mind,
All in the hope that I will find,
The word’s to make this poem become alive.

Electricity runs through my head
And ignites a stream of do not forgets.
Must create art and not just jest.
No longer say, just do.
No more chances to procrastinate;
There is no time left…
I have too much I need to show to you.

Seize opportunity before it is gone;
It knocks on my door like a dying swan song.
A cry for more, a shout for an encore;
I can no longer tell what is mine and what is yours.

We are united by words, divided in time.
You are so far ahead of the curve and I am so far behind,
But with a telescopic eye, I see a future.
Where I once was a cyclops, I must concentrate on not being blind.

But rise I shall to face this day.
A face to face, when I have the lines to say;
But I will never be perfect,
Because I am already too late.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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