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Prabesh May 1
A writer I am, I play with the words
Pain is the language, Pen is my sword
Use my phrases as a universal tool
A **** load of praises to filter out the fool

Bend these words you will find a hook
Pierce these hands I will write with my blood
Mend these chords they will bind you a book
Fierce are my sands, I will ride through the flood
Bhill Jan 30
Skeptical views disorient the pleasure of not understanding
Not understanding the viewpoint right in front of you
Truth or misconceptions will unfold if you endorse the information
Just saying...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 30
Kameron Nov 2019
I miss the crystal clear sea
Pouring out purity connecting our heart strings
I miss my curiosity to pry further in your brain
Driven solely by my desire to what you were thinking
Now it is skeptical thoughts that drives me and lies that fuel me
A confident woman turned unsure and worried
What a backwards love story
Where is the Power Move to win back my love
Where is the intimacy you used to convey to me
Where is the drive for me you had once possessed
A hello, a goodbye, and a kiss or apology in-between
I had more action when I was seventeen
So excuse while I reassess my life
Because, right now there’s no way I’d ever become your wife
Glenn Currier Jun 2019
When I was a young idealistic thinker
I took the bait hook line and sinker
now I’m an old more skeptical believer
but I hope I’m still an open receiver.
emmaa May 2018
i’m sorry i’m cautious
it’s not like i have much reason to be
just observations
mere contemplations

over how it would feel
to open my heart to someone
only for it to get trampled
i don’t want to be another example

of why we shouldn’t open
ourselves to people
when it just leaves us empty
it just doesn’t seem tempting

so why should i
when it comes to love
i don’t see the fuss
over people who don’t give a **** about us
Nylee Apr 2018
A little bitter heart
a little skeptical head
how will I ever feel happy
when my entire body feels heavy
with all the worry.

I want to say sorry
to myself many times
I sometimes have zero guilt
in torturing myself

Although not my favourite pastime
I keep repeating it
Isn't it fun?

Change myself, I agree
but how, no one says
no one knows
let us think about it, ...let's not.

Some thoughts bring us back to the loop
give us more to think,
more to feel, more to worry
and time flies just like that.
Sophie Hartl Mar 2017
Almost two years ago I wrote about how he told me
that we always had to question ourselves,

Almost two years later I read about the works of
Descartes, Aristotle, and other influential philosophers,

I begin to question all I know,
from whether the finger I write with writes what I or what it wants,

I’m skeptical of whether I am;
If I am, why? Why me?

I also realise how irrelevant it is
for me to worry about feelings and love and pain,

Almost two years ago I wrote daily
about myself as an object with experience

Now I write with skepticism
What’s the point anyways?
Currently discovering that studying for my philosophy exam makes me want to procrastinate, go figure
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