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ashley lingy Nov 2018
Sometimes I wonder
if the dollar that paid for my soda
was ever in a strippers underwear.
And then...I wonder
if the cashier is ever thinking the same thing.
Skylar Michael Mar 2018
i felt like i was in an elevator that was on the eighteenth floor,
but then dropped twenty more down, six feet deeper into the ground,
i was like a white rabbit, frozen in the headlights of a speeding car
with no chance of survival unless i took extreme measures to escape,
i tried and tried to make it out alive but in the end i died
like a train with it's passengers aboard.
that's how i woke up, in a sweat like a river,
for this is a dream i once dreamt,
the horses are coming so you better run if you want to survive
and make it out alive.
there's only one way out and that's to follow Alice.
darling, don't you know?
the good times are over and gone but dream on, dear, dream on,
it's a good feeling, i know.
the cats are out of the bag and the birds are loose,
so the feeling doesn't last long but enjoy it while you can
before our hearts and lungs collide.
the way you put one foot in front of the other and in line with mine
reminded me of when i saw you father and mother dancing one time
because if you think it through too many times,
it becomes a blur of reality and too many breaths.
i'm not calling you a thief, just don't steal from me,
cause i know i'm a decent tailor
from the many times that i've had to mend my heart with patches
of future love.
this old stuffed rabbit that i sleep with,
i've killed it with kisses and drowned it with tears
but it still has no reply to my wonderings.
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017
...the dusty road, wearing a sombrero,
i saw a chained monkey in the middle of
the road...under the heat of the sun,
its eyes seemed numbed, as visitors
gifted it with bananas and other foods...
was the monkey bored?
tired of watching people come and go?
day in, day out?
what if it rains? it has no roof above its head...
where does it sleep?

i wondered why, from the door jamb
where i stood, there exists
another door, smaller upon sight,
and another...and another...and another....
i was accosted by an endless series of doors...
what lies at the end?
is there an end to these succession of doors?
what could be its purpose?
i wondered about that reason....

i wondered...why the pathways
ahead, left side, and right,
involved going high, then low,
so you go up, then down...
you get used to its rhythm,
to the  practice of going up, then down,
holding your breath,
grasping for a post to hold on to,
if and when you lose your balance...
you assume on what is to follow,
you are about to take a step forward
and you'll be surprised....your next step,
...............could be fatal....
you would expect a set of steps going down...
but, there are're inches away
from the end of the stare
at the ground....from where you stand
......there's nothing there
........just an assumed fall..
............if you had been a fool...

these temples, with countless, endless
steps and doors, radiate with wisdom,
offered to us...right in front of our faces..
we just have to be perceptive...
be able to discover...and learn, before a fall

i walked away from these walls and stairs, knees aching......but,
with my wonderings............waning......


Copyright January 31, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Pauline Celerio Jun 2016
Maybe this is not our time.
Or maybe you're not mine.
But let my words bear witness
That at this certain moment
I am thinking of you, of us
And of the future that we shouldn't rush.
I am letting you go while still holding on
A sliver of hope that you'll be the one.
But this is not a cage for you and me
Because I want a love that is given free.
So if our path does not cross again,
Maybe it is the will of the heavens.
Or maybe this is not our time.
Or maybe you're not mine.
The silence is deafening.
noiredaises Nov 2015
I told myself I was being crazy
I told myself lots of things
Instead of joining for the upcoming weekend,
I did what I always did.
I didn’t want to,
I’d move in a daze
Feeling more and more uneasy,
It was over before it could even begin.
If only I had stopped when I had the chance
None of it made any sense.
The only thing I’d seen was despair
My mother echoed wonderingly-
it would finally die down
Losien Mayor Oct 2015
Scared of the future
Scared for us, too
Scared of losing you
Scared of leaving you too

I don't know whether to hold on
Or to stay still
To let tears fall
Or to remember what's real

It's like I'm pushed off a cliff
But I never go down
It's like you're holding me
But you're just keeping me out

When I lie awake at night
And the questions start to surface
My heart pounds like a mile race
And yet it calms down at the memory
Of your face

Do you love me
Or do you like my shadow
Do you love me
Or are you leaving tomorrow
Losien Mayor Oct 2015
how do i
figure out
things that
have gone astray

how do i
filter out
the good
from the

and how do i
get out
from the
of yesterday

dear oh dear
how do i
without hearing
your name

tell me, tell me
how do i
how do i
make you want
to stay?

— The End —