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Brian Apr 2019
Focusing straight ahead, unfocused, as
sound waves pleasure my ears.

Unconsciously conscious as
wind slaps my face with life.

Freely taking mandatory curves as
heat permeates my being.

Arriving oriented, confused as
the clouds uncloud my vision.

A journey's end, a beginning as
I ponder "how did I get here?"
Ever just drive and lose yourself?
Brian Feb 2019

Long Crypto - Short Banks!
it is a niche out there, but a few people might like it :)
Brian Feb 2019




Forming the spiral

Beauty found well within nature

Conscious and unconscious patterns forming everywhere

Support and resistance levels formed around fear and greed of people in markets
for my trading friends....
Brian Jan 2019
Invisible chains clang in silence.
No way to unlock the grip.
Allowed to breathe,
but not aloud.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Inhale a plant to ease the pain.
Consequences of breaking rules.
The twists of the oppressor,
constricts choice.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Working automaton.
Wages suppressed.
Military might all around,
to keep the greenbacks flowing.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Screaming in quietude,
Not freedom... Prison.
kind of dark and depressing, but glad life (love) is not that way!
Brian Dec 2018
Time is bogus,
four-dimensions where nothing happens.

Time is tense-less,
future and past identical to the present.

Time is an illusion,
feelings within a fabric of existence.

All that has ever been
and ever will be is happening right now!

Happy New "Year"?
Brian Dec 2018
Notes gently pervade my membrane;
A deluge of emotion envelopes me.

Knocked off kilter in the present
I regain my bearings in the past.

Innocent memories flood my being,
Oh how I want to stay.

The familiar song fades away;
I'm whisked back to reality.

Curse these old recollections.

Nostalgia hurts sometimes.
Have you ever felt this too?
Brian Dec 2018
   do                                                                                       time
    I                                                                                       over        o
   continue                                                                       rise             r
       to                                                                         steadily
        buy                                                                    will                    w
          as                                                          everything                    i
           the                                                     that                                   l
            market                                programmed                                l
               steadily                      am
                       falls?                I                                                               i
                               because                                                                    t
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