Brian Dec 2018
Time is bogus,
four-dimensions where nothing happens.

Time is tense-less,
future and past identical to the present.

Time is an illusion,
feelings within a fabric of existence.

All that has ever been
and ever will be is happening right now!

Happy New "Year"?
Brian Dec 2018
Notes gently pervade my membrane;
A deluge of emotion envelopes me.

Knocked off kilter in the present
I regain my bearings in the past.

Innocent memories flood my being,
Oh how I want to stay.

The familiar song fades away;
I'm whisked back to reality.

Curse these old recollections.

Nostalgia hurts sometimes.
Have you ever felt this too?
Brian Dec 2018
   do                                                                                       time
    I                                                                                       over        o
   continue                                                                       rise             r
       to                                                                         steadily
        buy                                                                    will                    w
          as                                                          everything                    i
           the                                                     that                                   l
            market                                programmed                                l
               steadily                      am
                       falls?                I                                                               i
                               because                                                                    t
Brian Dec 2018
I once took a trip to Colorado,
consuming edibles by a grotto.
Trees began to squiggle,
as I started to giggle.
Now I'm an aficionado.
Brian Dec 2018
Walking the saddle
Wind blowing both directions
Do not want to fall
Brian Dec 2018
Engaging oneself
Mental *******
Useless, yet intoxicating
No pleasure, but one’s own
The syringe of lies
Dripping slowly

Cerebral synapses
Mass-debating collective
Resources wasted
Wandering a wilderness of chaos

Piercing needle of utterances
Doctrine enabled
Minds not our own

— The End —