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John McCafferty Jun 2020
An irreverent force
armed in localised wars
Flames of rage displayed in waves
Some strings attached
to bring about more force
Shattered glass and burnt bricks
won't fix what a voice is worth
But irrelevance when oppressed
blinded with contempt seeks to vent
So many mistakes are blamed to
create what is made of the states
Powers that be have a responsibility
to assist those in need without them bending the knee
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Julie Grenness May 2020
When  did  I learn somewhere,
That Capitalism does not care,
Should have realized when  I was young,
Economies flourish best with guns,
Over here in Oz, you see,
Iron ore and uranium, basically,
These fund our economy,
Is the human race naive?
Depends on what you believe,
Uncle Sam will want you and you,
Take care, young chicks and dudes,
Armed conflict soon everywhere,
When the Covid antidote is here,
Capitalism does not even care....
Feedback welcome.
Meysa Apr 2020
you fight depression
armed but with a frown
your mother's tenacity
I hope that they told you
that for every bad
you did
a tonne
of good
- bad habits don't make you a bad person
SassyJ Feb 2016
Is passion a virtue?
A passion that ingests my inside
The bareness exposed emotions
The slow graphic censorship
A depiction of Zion on earth
A deception ranting with wars

Is dedication a virtue?
A definition of a hard felt path
Preserved with heartfelt zeal
An ember that ceases and glows
Triggered touch of perseverance
Till death does you part in parts

Self restraint for one another
Dedicated to fulfil a purpose
Quests of alternative borders
Armoured in armed negations
Negotiations negative dominion
Should we control sensuality?
Courtney Gaura Jan 2015
Armed with ink and lead
Or is it grafite
I don't know, I am dead
Oh look dynamite
Explodes the words in my head
let's fight
Though there is no need
To Die
Or spill blood of the not dead
Though it's wrought of badly worded light
like this you'd read

— The End —