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Another night, another song, another legion showcase

Some friendly folk just out for fun, an acoustic disgrace.

It's little cash, but lots of fun spinning discs on weekends

I play a few and sit and watch the wanna be's and girlfriends

In between I play some songs on the old piano

It's fun to hear them sing along, and see what songs they do know

I've been doing this for twenty years, to take away the boredom

I used to tour, I was big time, in rock and rolls great whoredom

I had a hit, but only one way back in the gloaming

We never had another one, and since then I've been roaming

The song we had, it hit the charts and stayed there for a while

I hear it every now and then, and still it makes me smile

The guys and I had formed a band, way back in high school

We played a bunch of cover songs, we thought that we were so cool

We wrote a few, some pretty bad but one got attention

It wasn't great, the title was one I can't mention

Apparently another group had sung a song just like it

We had to change the words around in order to make it fit

We cut the disc, it found a niche on a country station

We were not a country band , but our song had hit the nation

"My Pretty Little City Girl" was now out on the airwaves

We'd wait and see if she survived and how the country behave

Nashville grabbed it first and ran, the song went up to twenty

In only two weeks on the air, the **** thing got played plenty

Another week, up twelve more spots..things were going great

We'd shot on up from twentieth, now we're were in eighth

Two more weeks, this was such fun...the song just kept on climbing

So we tried to write another one, and off we started rhyming

We made it up to number three, and there we sat for two weeks

We'd have a fantastic run, but there was where we would peak

We tried for years to make a go and tried to write another

But, we were done, we'd had our shot, we're back to singing covers

So, here I sit spinning discs at Legions and at fall fairs

They send us out to do our song, but, there's no one who cares

We're just a band of has beens now, of wanna be's from history

Even when you google us, there's nothing there...a mystery

You see it happened so **** fast, we only had the one song

We made the chart for two whole months, not for very **** long

Of all us five, two are gone, the rest we get together

We jam a bit, and play fall fairs, although we hate the weather

The song you know, it's in your head, and when we get to sing it

It's funny how most everyone, knows all the words and bring it

We used to play to thousands when they tried to get us started

But now we play to hundreds who weren't born when we all parted

So here I am, just spining discs and playing songs in legions

I travel all around the states, I've played in every region

But, when I play that song for them, and sing on the piano

"My pretty little city girl" is one I find that they know

I never say  I wrote it, just it's one I like to do

But, every time I play it, it sounds as if it's new

And after I go back and play requests left by my side

Like "Penny Lane", 'The Gambler" and "Magic Carpet Ride"

I play what people ask for and sometimes I give a twirl

I play an old scratched version Of "My dah girl"

I sit back and I smile as I watch them dance along

Not knowing that I'm sitting here, the writer of the song

I'm a one hit wonder superman, riding off into the mist

Thinking of the songs I could have wrote and all the girls I kissed

My past,it still surrounds me ....I can't imagine what I'd do

Just think about it people....what if we reached number two?

so, another night, another song, an empty legion hall

My life is full of music and life has been a ball !!!
Aquilla Apr 2016
It's not just music, it's a vibe
And when that bass drops, we come alive
With the synth and the snare
We are all transported there
Our minds are in the DJ's hands
Our bodies are ***** to his beats demands
This is our one true escape
And it's entwined with his soul into a mixtape.
I wrote a jukebox program
  For the computer
  I find music on the intenet
  It helps me program
     More programs for the computer

I see people in Ibiza
  I watch them all moving
  To the sound and they smile
  It helps me focus on what
     I can't do. But wish to.

My mind's sight is drawn
   Into focus as they bounce
   Their dresses flipping
   Their arms beating the sky
      No reason. I don't ask why

Together they are moving
   Do they imagine I see
   Their smiles across the miles
   Through time and space.
      I sit, in the dark.

     And dream of dancing.

dr. mgmorrell 14-Feb-2016
I'm old.
Frank Ruland Sep 2014

Souls are ushered down the line
The Shades check your fake I.D.
Come with girl and you'll be fine


******-groovy ******* beats
Having beers with ghouls
Don't you step on no ones feet


T-t-terrified, of tricks-n-treats
Just wanna drink in pieces
Justin Bieber be making me weak


I'll buy you a shot if you get me two
What's one shot-- more or less?
Drunken logic helps me help you.
I wrote this the morning after a particularly (mostly) memorable night at the club... I was still pretty drunk.
Tyler Man Apr 2014
Instant mischief
They call me the beat chief
Making you all chant
Even well you got no breath you pant
Now what's next
Gonna make you feel my inner context
It's what's inside
That makes my heart burst with pride
It's how I've learned to flow
Turned me from intense to mellow
And now that I've gained control
I'm up here on patrol
The dance floors filling with bass
I promise you you'll feel it in your face!
Your feet going so crazy
There's no way you'll feel lazy
This is the roll call
All is present I've got them all
Never leavenin
Cause I'm a fiendin
For the evenin
The bass is my meanin
Let go of it all out of me to you
You may think I'm a fool
But I just love
To make you feel like your floating above
A beautiful cloud
Vibrating aloud
What I feel now when I'm up on stage playing music
W Winchester Apr 2014
My whole **** life is a déjà vu

Yesterday, I could've sworn I'd lived the same moment
Maybe in a past life?

What if my "past life" is exactly the same as this one?

Then what?
Am I stuck?
Can I change anything?

Will I always have a sickening sense of vertigo when I see a 'new' face?

I've lived the new things, I've seen the new faces

Maybe I've been tossed into this life because I lived it wrong the first time

Something tells me I might just live it again

— The End —