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Jon Thenes Aug 2019
10:45 p.m.

Music Mage Floats The Room

Accounts Balance Of Patrons

Grooms The Crowd Pattern
aisha Apr 2018
if I'm ever like

Temperance Brennan

I hope you are my

Seeley Booth
been re-watching Bones and I didn't realised how much I relate to Temperance
JayceeJellies Nov 2015
24 hours ago I was someone different
but right now I'm crying right where I'm sitting:
in this old photo booth on the side of the beach
where you left me after saying that we should end things
because this wasn't turning out the way that you expected it to be.
Abdullah Ayyash Oct 2015
Storming rain
The sound of life
Deeply drains
Into a strife

Only my age
Lives in my booth
Becomes my cage
My future, my truth

It’s just some tears
No one should care
Fighting my fears
Do not despair

To finally cope
Severely drifts,
My promising hope
Is what has left
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
February 20th, 2012
Matthew Harlovic Feb 2015
A recording booth is nothing more than another padded room.

© Matthew Harlovic
liz Sep 2014
On a Wednesday,
I want to tell you the truth.
listen to me as if it's the first time you've heard a voice
On a Wednesday,
I want you to understand.
because I don't want to hurt you, you see. I want you to hurt me.
On a Wednesday,
at this table I want you to realize
it was meant to be like this all along.
To be on opposite sides of the table with different worlds as plates, different wants and needs as different tastes.
On a Wednesday,
I want you to taste what I taste.
*the sour taste of our expired time

— The End —