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Gary Feb 2020
I learned to walk soft
Not to disturb the present
While speaking softly
Not to disturb my presence
I don't use filler words
And speak to my point
Not in anger - To scare
Not in greed - To gain
Not in question - to agree
Just in my own tone
And in my belief
I won't shout at you
So please, don't shout at me
For I will only block your voice
If only my one answer suites your question
Perhaps then you should go and ask another
For I am an expressive being with thoughts
Thoughts that very
And answers of more then one
To the many narrow minded believers
In which our society has become.
Gary Dec 2019
The love I have for you
Is indescribable.
Your strength, your caring,  your being
You are the one who brings me life
You are my whole.
The love I have for you
Is relentless.
Your beauty, your giving, your understanding
You are my life
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are
My definition of love.
Gary Dec 2019
I am a imperfect person
I have flaws, I am impolite at times
I am flawed in every definition of the word.
I have scars deep in my skin
From fighting and acting the ways I once did
I have scars from surgical problems and pain
I cover them with ink from a needles name.
I am just a poet, being wise or a sap
Dosen't matter much anymore put my story's in a sack.
Mix my words and my memories thoughts
Put together my poetic life
Being a poet is tough.
I won't lie, or let you down
I will write my life
In my ink I drown.
Gary Dec 2019
I write words of wisdoms
And some of truth.
I live for my world
Delivering emotions in forces so brut
My words caused wars in days of then
All of the enemies were once so called friends
I only deliver love and words of kindness
Developed from drudge
Living my life with every step being judged
My life is so simple, my words seem complexed
Your life so dangerous,  you block out the rest
To create our peace in any state we're in
Is the only way to heal and be proud of where we've all been.
Gary Dec 2019
The love I have, is a love to last
My heart will last, for the love I have.
My heart beats and strives
For the soul of you and I.
I see our radiant orbs
I feel our pulse
Rhythmic experience
Pulse to rhyme
My love now can live in life
And strive.
Gary Nov 2019
The English have settled
Their chicken is dead
And bonzo has gone in hidding.
The other namless bandits have hung themselves out to dry.
The leader and fat assery of her own self righteousness has been officially flushed down the ******* to finally be home with all the other bacteria spreading disease on only themselves.
Contaminated pollutants
Gary Jun 2019
I see miles and miles of vibrant colors in blue.
across a still sea of unexplored possibilities.

I would travel that sea to get to you.
a path of still blue
blinding to some, the unknowing future may be

I would take the most treacherous of paths
just to say I am free

Once I got to you
I would truly understand
that all the obstacles I have hurdled
to get to you
have made me who I am.

Bringing together the vibrant possibilities of us two
now creating a new vision of blue.
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