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Lauren Mar 2015
Look at yourself
from these mud brown eyes
Then maybe
You'd see the fire in yours
You're a force to be wreckened with
Lauren Sep 2014
Your words filled the crevices inside my mind and they manifested into that mess that you address me as

You simultaneously created and destroyed me
You created a guarded girl from a once carefree soul
Lauren Aug 2014
I don't want to talk about school or how your last test went or any small talk for that matter

I want you to tell me about that new book you've gotten lost in or the way your father's voice shakes as he erupts in anger and blame for the third time that day

Tell me about the scar that's just above your left eyebrow and why a candle is your favorite metaphor

Show me the hidden parts of yourself and for you I might do the same
Funny what you can find when you look through old writing
Lauren Jul 2014
My favourite song comes from your heartbeat

My wishes come from the galaxies in your eyes

My sense of comfort comes from your embrace, for I am safest when your body interwines with mine

Our worlds collided by fate, they molded by luck
Lauren Jun 2014
I trusted you with my life, you knew every aspect of it

I trusted you with the crossed lines on my thighs that are as open as I was to you

All I asked was my secret to be kept safe but I suppose that's another promise you couldn't keep

Give me back my secrets they are not yours to keep, maybe they could have been, had    i not been decieved
Kind of on the spot but class is a good time to think
Lauren Jun 2014
You are in each tear that traces the familiar path down my face to the ground beneath me

Slowly the water rises
drowning me and leaving me completely emersed in your being.
Lauren Jun 2014
You wouldn't want rememberance of the end but it's always here clouding the back of my mind

I can hear the beeps of machines and the way your laugh has weakened

I can feel your yellowed skin that is cold at the touch

I can smell that distinctive scent that comes along with hospitals, rubbing alcohol and old people

I can see the hope that left everyone's eyes when we recieved word

It was a hell of a fight
My aunt would have been 56 today. I still see her in myself and hope she does too. I miss her everyday. RIP♥
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