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Sheila Greene May 19
When I was a little girl
          with a goofy grin and pigtails,
   daydreamed about being Queen.
A Queen that controlled everything,
          Love, life, happiness
The illusion was the Queen
    discovering control isn't a thing.
When I was a little girl I often drifted off into my daydreams.  The physical world around me stopped and my mental world would erupt.  Enjoy!
Randi Mar 15
Daydreams alluring
A fun past time to be sure
But with too much they are a cause to be concerning
Living in that world can be amazing
But stay there too long
And you'll never belong
In the world around you
That is moving without end
The world that may
Forget you've ever been

Daydreams are fun
A nice home away from home
Dont dive down too far tho
Or you will never see
The world that is outside your mind again
You may leave your mind
But stay too long and itll never go
The world outside will be warped
Absolutely demolished
You'll fight to come up
And yet you never want to leave
That little old home inside your own head.
It may be a home
But its not somewhere to be found dead.

So please take care and remind yourself
Have some daydreams now and then
But put them back on the shelf when
Your mind is about to make sure the other world ends.
Daydreams may seem like the perfect thing.But if you have too much of anything it becomes a bad thing.
rhionna Feb 7
are they locked in a part of my mind
that's only brought to life when I am fast asleep?
my precious silly thoughts that give me a break
from impending reality
where are you now?
show yourself
come back
bring me back to simplier times of life
filled with giggles, laughs, and imagination
daydreams of mine
come alive
Lejla Hott Jan 20
the couch was a fabric the hue of boyant sea waves
as a prim i sat there
as any sailing boat
on a fine day
upon those rolling cushions the birdsongs became my lullaby
as each moment became the next sweet daydream
they began from the joy
of not doing one single thing
all of a sudden
i was swimming with the rainbow fish
of the deep
feeling the rythm
of a new body with fins
you were there too
in my sweet daydrems
Light Jan 9
lives in
my deepest
desires and
eats away at the
part of my brain that keeps
my heart safe from boys like him.
He's established permanence where
he's unwanted, but I let him in.
Nonet (inverted)
solfang Dec 2019
let me pause
these daydreams,
and wake up to a reality
where it was never as it seems,
and you were never there to begin
the truth hits you harder when you realise these feelings should never exist in the first place.
Shawn Dec 2019
as seasons change
my thoughts rearrange
and focus upon
a heart un-won
but still beating
slowly retreating
while deciding
there truly is a place
or if all this time
is lost and a waste
should it move on
creating a bond
and lasting
of words not
but felt
between two

as green leaves give
way to fall hues
my soul
shuts down and sings
the blues
yearning for a
that is often
but remains
just the same
in my eyes
but what do I know
of this thing
we call
"getting to know"
impatience is my
calling card
with pretty much
a disregard
for time and place
and need

i mean nothing by
just my spoiled
adult fit
as brisk cold
will surely
usher in
continued uncertainty
and winter
by warm chimneys
where you'll
lie on my breast
and we'll laugh
and jest
at the ranges
my mind
as the
season changes
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