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Yachika Sharma Jun 2020
You can cover yourself with a flawless skin,
It won’t make you a flawless person.
Flawless skin person love life cover you happy
morn's cold sheet of frost
shall cover our small township
in an icy freeze
light mist didst cover
the snaking river's journey
en route to blue seas
Bea Aguilar May 2020
It’s better to cover your ears.

It’s better to just close your eyes.

It’s better not to hold on to anyone.

It’s better if you will not feel any single
pain that I have been ignoring

this whole **** time.
Katy May 2020
I drink sweet tea
To cover up all of the
B i t t e r n e s s
In me
The Foodie One May 2020
I feel entrapped
in this shell
wrapping me around

It covers
- envelops -
every part of me;

But, inside
I still
© 04/05/20
Jaxey Mar 2020
It's sad.
I'm sad.
That the society I live in
will shove me in a box
That the people of this world
will look at me
and see not the words of my story
but the art on the cover
i'm sorry
If I'm not what you expected
For my voice leaks from the edges
And I color outside the lines
should there have been
no lines
to begin with
I'm sorry if I disappointed you
The past can put a wedge between
You and family.
Lies are consealed.
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