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Cox Aug 21
Soft iris.
Lilacs in your eyes,
You use this to your disguise.
Nigdaw Jul 15
in the killing jar
made object
made art
preserved perverse pleasure
displayed as though
some great master
to prove the beauty of nature
pushed one more step
into extinction
pretty colours are there
for camouflage
from idiots/predators
to keep the bounty of nature
for everyone
to enjoy
Universal trans experiences:
I don’t think there are any.

But when I reach for my camouflage underwear in the
half sincere hope
that my junk will just kind of,
I like to think I’m in good company.

But, again,
there can’t be many.
i saw one or two trans related poems recently so i thought i might as well try.
maria Dec 2019
I put you first
when you deserved to be lost,
I've gave my all
and you didn't care at all,
I've been so discomfort
about everything,
everything else but you.
Suddenly I saw your lies,
I'm terrified.
Do you want to hold my heart?
Guess it was all just for fun.
It was too good to be true
and I'm left with feelings for you,
I don't know what to do.
Guess I'll cover everything,
I'll cover you,
I'll cover me,
even though
you liked me cover free.
At least you taught me how to fake it.
I'll camouflage my feelings
Like you masked your fakeness.
Trying to camouglage feelings, although is it possible? © ,Maria

written on December 12, 2019
Eloisa Feb 2019
Courage and strength in the midst of her fear
Disguises her feelings, though she woke up in tears
Uneven, rocky and rough her journey will be
Winding and long her roads are temporarily
She’s confused of the thoughts that even the toughest will tire
That the strongest will be weak and the happiest will cry

She has begun to find doubts on how far she could go
She started to get scared if she would be able to go through
There were minutes of choosing to stop and finally give up
But still she thought of how long did she hold on and how she has battled so tough
Then she thought of how God has led her way and guided her journey
Showing her unshaken smile, she stood up again and began her odyssey.
Eloisa Feb 2019
Yes, I wear a mask
Woven of fabric of falsity
Now drenched in agony
The mask of grief, pain and fear
But my calm face says “I’m fine!”
Kora Sani Aug 2018
You wore camouflage
I was in neon blue
You set your sights on me
But I couldn't see you
You took one shot
And then served me on a platter
You had me all to yourself
It's like I didn't matter
Is that all I am?
Just a piece of meat
Is that all I am?
Now obsolete
MikeTheVike Oct 2017
Dear Amelia,
It's different; everything
I’m so sorry
I can't see you anymore
I’m afraid
I can only see the squalor
My face has changed
with lines of age
And carved with lines of ink
While the cross I wear
Proves me a sinner
A single tear
Convicts me a murderer
But I am safe now behind the razor wire
A lifetime of safety… without parole
Sounds like something I’d trade
For a small red balloon
A syringe and a spoon
Are you eating?
Are you sleeping?
Are you walking yet?
Are you dreaming?
If you close your eyes
You can see me the way I used to be
But if you open them
I become a lachrymose monster
So dearest Amelia
Close your eyes
© Mike Mortensen
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