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i loved you
when the sun
still rose in the west,
when caterpillars
hadn't grown
their wings yet.

i loved you
in cherry lips—
in almond kiss,
in dreamy eyes,
in youthful bliss.

now, my distant heart
could only love you
in heavy mist,
in forlorn might,
in fleeing light,
in vague hindsight—
of what was right.
your happiness over mine...
back then and until now.
but tomorrow...
when the sun rises
in the east.
i'll try to find happiness
in its heat. and forget that
i risked almost everything.
so i can burn in yours.
If I had stoped doubting
And just kept myself contented
With what you were willing to offer
Would we have not
Lost it all?

If I did not try too hard
And cried as I yearned for you
In times we were apart
Would you have stayed
In my trembling arms?
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered to him

"One day,
I surely will,"
He replied

And so I smiled
And turned around,
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered again—
But now to myself
I loved your laugh
As much as I loved
The sound of the rain.
Now that you're gone,
All my love goes
With every raindrop
Falling on the ground.
But still...
Each and every fall of it
Echoes your laughter.
I wonder if
we met again
in this life
because what we had
in the previous one
was not enough,
or just because
I wished for this
knowing that
we won't end up
t o g e t h e r
in the end anyway.
You deserve the love
That will dance with you
In a garden full of bloomed tulips
And in a garden of dead roses

You deserve someone
Who'll drink whiskey with you
Even under a starless night
When you got yourself defeated
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