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theodosia Apr 2019
i will always stay by your side,
even if you won't reciprocate my feelings,
i promise.
hi shane
theodosia Dec 2018
i appreciate the silent during the night,
how it calms me while demons are fighting
inside of me.
this ***** xd
theodosia Dec 2018
i am currently on progress
of the art, i am doing
carefully tracing the lines,
carving the most perfect face
i've never had.
random thought, i wanna carve my face LOL
theodosia Dec 2018
your smile with him said so many words,
yet telling me
i wasn't enough for you.
we stayed as friends, but its okay i moved on pretty quick haha ! (:
theodosia Dec 2018
maybe a coffee would wake me up to face the reality
that you never chose me.
  Nov 2018 theodosia
I despise myself for not being someone you could love.
  Nov 2018 theodosia
she was the maker, he was her muse
a creative girl with everything to lose

she colored her canvas with her bleeding heart
she loved him and watched her world fall apart

she got her heart broken but kept a blank face
knowing that there are some mistakes you can't erase

she gave up her art, a lover betrayed
her pure white mind turned a darker shade.
And then there were seven.
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