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Natalia Apr 25
Why did it take so long
For me to face my fears?
To realise I was strong.
Strength would wipe away my tears.

A question asked by many.
Those looking within,
Those who cannot bury,
And feeling stretched thin.

Finding myself;
A life long quest.
'Look to thyself'
Given time, given rest

Your time will come.
Love and friendships will fade,
Depression that leaves you numb,
No doubt leaves us afraid.

Darling don't fret.
Your power is there,
Unseen as of yet,
Ready to glow and glare.

There are many nights ahead,
Soundless and sleepless alike,
Full of worry and dread,
Tears ready to strike.

These cannot be controlled,
Nor should they be feared.
Let the feelings roll,
Allow your mind to be cleared.

This cycle is found,
Over and over again.
Though you aren't bound
to hold onto the pain.
I realised that I have found my own self-worth and strength. I was asking myself why had it taken so long, and when had I realised. This poem is the result of my musings. I am always looking within, but now am beginning to cultivate positivity without neglecting my mental health.
Sir Douz Dante Jan 2019
I remember, walking the earth as a mortal,
Indulging in the mortal path, laughing, crying, loving,hate,jealousy,happiness, sadness,
I was cultivating  the Buddha arts,
In order to understand evil, you must the devil,
To understand good, you must be the angel,
Are we really born evil? Are we really born good?
What is good?
What is bad?
Is taking a life to save a life considered evil?
Why do we exist? What is our purpose?
Is it to get fame? Wealth?
What is happiness?
Is a glass half full or half empty?
How does yin and yang balance?
survival is our default setting,
And Greed is also our major flaw.
Prequel to breakthrough
Sir Douz Dante Jan 2019
How long has it been?
One? Two? Or maybe 300 moons,
The change in me remains unseen,
My strength has been given a boon,
Now i am a soaring dragon,
The heavens cannot restrict me no longer,
I disdain for they are not high enough,
The earth cannot bind me,
I sneer for it is beneath me.

Time has no grasp on my soul,
No control on my mind,
I have shed the shackles of mortality,
I walk in tandem with the heavenly Dao,
For i have grasped its music, every note and stanza.
I prepare to ascend the immortal realms,
I see past all illusions, all deceptions
I see all truths, all lies
I am the Dao.
All our lives are we cultivated—
Cultivated by birth,
Cultivated by parents,
Cultivated by friends, teachers
—Institutions such
Cultivated by self,
Cultivated by Earth—Irrigated by Love.
All so, to be purchased by Death—
A ripened Consumer.
Saigen Embrace Feb 2017
Exams are full of Botheration
Dad asking Explanation
Mom's high Expectation
So let's make Resolution
Quit Education
And Start Cultivation

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
Didn't reap
Didn't ripen

fed it an elephant diet,
stayed guard all night,
pray-bribed the rain gods,
plotted insect genocides,
sold my wife’s bangles

Didn't reap
Didn't ripen

once where were lush fields,
now the coming of concrete

Didn't reap
Didn't ripen

the seasons are unfaithful,
there is no spring songbird

Didn't reap
Didn't ripen
Bill murray Aug 2015
Slim pickin's

I got to get some ear's of corn today

The bergschrund in the field

                           I have to dig back out from the drains
                           Gramp's has to be busy
                           Or wizzy dizzy he will get. I have to reap the good                        
Before the old fool forget's
Have to go to market first for some fresh greenery than off in the field today's going to be a womper working day
S R Mats May 2015
A bright sun heated this ground and we richly sowed in fertile soil.

Spring was full of possibilities, which we now enjoy in summer produce, so luscious.

Ah, as tasty as sweet melon and as fresh as scent of cucumber love is.

And we have seen that the bounty we receive is equal to the worth of our toil.

— The End —